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Young Entrepreneurs With Cool New Business Idea Overcome Initial Rejections to Build Multi-Million Dollar Company

Some of the best ideas for starting a business involve simple products. They don’t require much money or a lot of time to explain what the company is selling.

Inventor Attracting Investors for New Company by Making a Sale Before Having Manufacturing or Employees

Starting a company with a new product invention provides both excitement and challenges for an entrepreneur. Bob Steffen is certainly aware of this. He has started several businesses, but his most recent venture presented the greatest difficulty.

Expanding New Company Started by Solo Entrepreneur Raises $1 Million In First Year

The great thing about basic well-established technology is that entrepreneurs can easily adapt it to new purposes. Find a situation that cries out for a better process and someone will deploy existing technology for a solution. That’s what happened to Brad Weisberg after he found a dent in his car.

Device to Solve Common Problem Leads Friends to Start a Business Without Having to Manufacture Anything

A fortunate entrepreneur can start a company with only an idea. That’s how two guys from Philadelphia established a business that doesn’t require them to manufacture anything. The only thing they make is money.

How Beverage Company With Only One Product Built a National Brand

Many entrepreneurs question whether to start a new company with a single brand to compete against established companies with diversified product lines. The answer has been provided by Tito Beveridge, who built Tito’s Handmade Vodka into a huge success. The accomplishment was achieved without large financial backing or a national advertising agency. Most daunting of […]

Fitness Company Gradually Builds Customer Base and Turns Failure Into Eventual Success

Starting a business is easy, but creating a commercial success is sometimes a process that takes an unexpected path. That’s what Carl Daikeler learned when the first effort by his new company was a complete dud. Eventually, he turned the failure into an organization with sales of $700 million.

Free Online Service of Young Company Attracts Angel Investors While Seeking to Profit From Sponsorships

Someone finally realized that people engaged in all the work for volunteer activities could use some help. Savvy entrepreneurs know that providing a helpful convenience to a common situation is an opportunity to profit from starting a business.

New Entrepreneurs Piece Together Puzzle Company With Gradual Series of Steps

When an idea strikes that might become the foundation for starting a new company, teaming with a friend is often a sure way to trigger the launch. Entrepreneurs that team together help each other cover all the details.

Company Raises New Capital for Expansion of Service That Helps People Save on Property Taxes

A company is unlikely to have any complaints about its pricing when saving customers more money than the fees charged. This is the business model of The website delivers instant access to information that helps determine if your property tax assessment is excessive.

Highly Involved Company Founder Focused on Customer Service to Build His New Business

Not all of the key elements to success for a new company are based upon measurements of market size and unit profit margins. Sometimes the pivotal factor is simply the personal touch of an entrepreneur.