What is needed to register a company?

To start and complete the process of incorporation of a General Corporation or Limited Liability Company, the following information must be provided:

1.- Name of the new company (two alternatives are always requested for doubts that the name has been used in the chosen State) It must include the words «Corporation», «Incorporated», «Limited Liability Company», «Company», or its abbreviations (Corp. Inc., LLC, Co).

2.- Type of corporation (organizational structure): typically, Corporation, S Corporation, LLC or Non-Profit Corporation.

3.- Name of at least one of the initial directors. Although you can put more names, it is advisable for practical reasons to only indicate a single person in the case of Corporations. In the case of an LLC, the details of all its members must be reported. Nonprofit Corporations require a directory of at least 3 people.

4.- Address, telephone and other contact details of the designated person (s).

5.- Number of shares (2,000 is the figure that ensures the lowest initial tax burden), but not all States charge their fees based on the number of shares or the capital of the company.

6.- Value of the shares (even or not even. In the first case the value will appear in each share. In the second, the value will be freely given by supply and demand. This is the advisable option, even to pay less taxes). The par value does not represent the sale value of the shares but only a minimum value that can be received for the sale of a share.

The contracting order will include other additional service options but basically these are the data necessary to make an incorporation

Naming considerations

Company names must contain a suffix or legal denominator at the end of the name. The termination of the name of a Corporation or LLC is called a suffix.

Any name must contain the words «Association», «Company», «Corporation», «Club», «Foundation», «Fund», «Incorporated», «Institute», «Society», «Union», «Syndicate» or «Limited» or its abbreviations.

The suffix «Trust» is prohibited unless the Corporation in question is under the supervision of a Commissioned Bank.

The chosen name must be distinguishable from other names of corporations already existing, reserved, or registered as “foreign corporations” in the State of Delaware or whichever is chosen.

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¿Cuánto cuesta?

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