ACTIVE FILINGS LLC is a company formed in the State of Florida that aims to provide professional services for the registration of companies in an accessible, fast and convenient way.

We simplify the process of incorporating companies by providing experience in the formation of organizations through a comprehensive service, designed to establish companies quickly, efficiently and at reasonable prices.

Active Filings.com makes it easy to incorporate your company. Whether you plan to establish a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Non-Profit Organization, we can help you.


  • The most complete incorporation plans, beyond industry standards.
  • 15 years serving the Latino market
  • Online quote, fair rates and no hidden prices.
  • Superior after sales service.
  • Powerful network of business partners (accounting, auditing, law firms, site development and hosting, office equipment, etc.) to help you with your business.
  • The best reputation in the industry. A + Members of the Better Business Bureau since 2003.
  • Support through the Internet or by telephone to our clients. Our commitment is to answer emails in less than 2 hours and calls in less than 24 hours.
  • Multiple forms of contact. We offer our clients a wide variety of contact options: through the web with our online assistance service, by phone with free calls to our office or by email.


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Nothing makes us more proud than receiving testimonials from our clients. Unlike many competitors who invent them, with the permission of our clients, we publish the testimonial, with name, surname, company name and if they send us a photo, their photo. Some clients leave us their comments on our Facebook page while others send us emails. The latter can be seen on the » Testimonials » page of our site in English.


If you have questions about our services, you can contact us directly through this contact page . Whether you prefer to send us an email or call us by phone, we will be here to assist you in registering your company!

¿Cuánto cuesta?

El costo de incorporación de tú negocio tiene dos componentes importantes: cuota del Estado y cuota de Active Filings. La cuota del estado está basada en el tipo de entidad, velocidad del proceso, entre otros. ActiveFilings.com ofrece 3 diferentes paquetes de incorporación a precios altamente competitivos. Adicionalmente ofrecemos; preparar tu acuerdo de operación o estatutos, obtener tu número de Tax ID o EIN, preparar la resolución inicial y brindar servicios de Agente Registrado en todas las jurisdicciones principales de los Estados Unidos. Toda esta información está disponible aquí.