Teresa Olsen

UC Talent LLC (Illinois)

Really informative and supportive. I had several questions throughout the process and they were available each time providing me with the answers needed. I highly recommend Active Fillings' services for business owners starting out and needing assistance obtaining the proper paperwork to be filed. Thank you so much for all your help. http://www.uctalent.com

Lorena Colin

Supreme Lending

I have worked with ActiveFilings.com since 2004. They assisted my clients and myself to form LLCs and Nonprofit corporations in Florida. Every time they delivered an outstanding, professional and affordable service. I definitively recommend ActiveFilings for business incorporation and compliance services.

Tomas Kucera, ESQ.

Casanova & Kucera PLLC

When it comes to business incorporation, our Law Firm trusts ActiveFilings.com for a fast, reliable, and affordable service. http://CKLawGroup.com

Hernan Pepelko


Active Filings exceeded our expectations! Our LLC was formed fast, their staff was friendly all our questions were answered immediately. http://www.usmailhq.com

Vit Jiracek

CheckTick LLC (California)

I selected ActiveFilings.com because of their unmatchable reputation. I would never risk my business start-up with low reputation companies. It was a good decision!. http://www.CheckTick.com

Brendan Conlee

Flight 51 Ministries, Inc.

Thanks so much for your excellent service! I plan to do more business with you in the near future. Wishing best success for you always.

Nelly Rodríguez

Tourism Vip Corp.

The attention that we have received from the beginning has been very good, very customized and mainly fast, this is thanks to all the communication means that puts Activate Filings to disposition of its clients. We feel very satisfy with your company, and has covered our expectations regarding to confidence and sense of responsibility. Activate Filing deserves our recommendation.

Jeffrey McDaniel


The staff at Active Filings has a high level of professionalism. I was able to form my company and be assisted in additional issues that would of been far more expensive if provided by a law firm.

Carlos Pineda

Concepto Estratégico Marketing y Comunicación, LLC

La gente de Active Fillings no solo son los mas confiables sino los mas seguros “socios” estratégicos que puedes tener no solo para registrar tu empresa en Estados Unidos sino también después para operarla y lo mejor es que ellos siempre estarán a tu lado solo a la distancia de un click.

Rodolfo Martinez

Label Record, Inc.

I’m an experienced Internet shopper, and you have exceeded my expectations with your excellent live customer service and multiple ways to get in touch.

Marion Hogan

Next Level Cycles, Inc.

Active Filings is the best way to set up your business. The service is fast and efficient and completed properly. When we have to open our next shop we are going to use them again. Try Active Filings, you won’t be disappointed.

Sergei Eliseev

Sunny Games LLC

After surfing numerous sites, Active Filing was just what I was looking for – quick and definitive answers, a wealth of knowledge and resources, exceptional value, and a friendly, professional staff. I felt very comfortable starting my LLC with their guidance. I really appreciate all of the help and support. I always feel confident when I recommend Active Filing because I know the entity will be formed properly and quickly

Robert Leon

The Supplement Guy

Everything from start to finish was simple and painless. Active Filings handled all the necessary paper work and I was amazed at how fast the process was. Active Filing certainly receives my recommendation.

Scott Sichak

ProCLAIM, Inc.

Whenever I select a company on the Internet I am always skeptical of the kind of service I will receive do to the fact that it is completely done without any human contact. However I have been completely and pleasantly surprised at the effort your company has given me. I would highly recommend to anyone starting a new business venture to use Active filings to form and file the paperwork for a new corporation or LLC. My confidence level is way up…

Chris Pasquali

Factory Direct Pipeline Products, Inc.

I am very pleased with the incorporation service that Active Filings provided. I researched several alternatives and decided to go with Active Filings because I was able to find answers to all my questions on their website and they seemed the most professional. Things couldn’t have progressed smoother. The entire process was quick and painless. We are now enjoying the benefits of being incorporated. Writing this thank you note was the least I could do after receiving the prompt and courteous service from Active Filings.

Mike Kriel

Nortohp LLC

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and all of those who have assisted us in the formation of our company (Nina, and Antonella especially). It has been a real pleasure dealing with you and your company and I hope that we have the pleasure of dealing with you again in the future. Everything went like clockwork, and we were kept well informed at all stages as to the progress of the work being carried out. What was really amazing was the prompt replies that I received to all my queries and questions. A Great Big Thank you!!!

Eve Skokan

Juicejug Company

Honest. Efficient. Fast even. Personable and downright friendly. I’d use them again.

Ishya S. Dotson

Outdoor Property Management Inc. (FL)

You are absolutely awesome. You definitely rock!!!!! Thank you for all of your hard work. We appreciate you.

Cheryle M. Touchton

Vigilert Activity Monitoring Inc. (FL)

I found your service fabulous! I have already told a friend about it. I will highly recommend you to everyone. I especially appreciated your finding my spelling error and being so prompt to handle things! Everything was easy! It was well worth the fee!

Scott Harris

The Computer Counselor, Inc. (MD)

Thank you so much for your assistance. I can only imagine the number of hours that I saved by using your service. I feel like it was a real value, and that using your service was one of the smartest business moves I could have done. Thank you for all of your help!

Francisco Becerra M

Outsourcing Latin America LLC

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for doing a fine job in the registration of my new company. I appreciate that your phone was always answered when I had a questions and that you moved the process through quickly because I was running against the clock. Your work was professional and the materials that I received are first rate. Hopefully we will be doing business again in the future.

Len Shelby

Shelby Coaching LLC (TX)

A great big thanks to you and your team. You delivered on your promises. Time was of the essence for me and you got the job done quickly and efficiently. It’s official – “Shelby Coaching LLC”, thanks Activefilings.

Howard Flaherty

Joseph Purse Publishing, Inc (TX)

Not only did you meet my expectations, you exceeded them ! We are very happy with your service and will come back to you again. After starting several corporations in several states, your services was by far the best I have received. I already have, and will continue to recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.

Kimberly Dou

Landfire Imports, Inc. (IL)

Thank you for your help in this filing. I would like to comment on our experience with you. Everything so far has been great! We feel that we received personal attention from you and other members on your team. You are actually more responsive than our attorney for our other company. We feel fortunate to have chosen you to help. In the process of choosing an online filing company, we compare about 8-10 companies, and then narrowed down to 4 of them. We sent the same questions to all 4 companies via e-mail. One never responded, one late after a week. One responded but the rep’s language was the type of a teenager on the street — 3 email sent in a flash, each contained incomplete bit of information. Your company, however, responded the next business day with sufficient information and proper language. Although you are not the cheapest one, but we feel that the competence and responsiveness were important to us. During the process of filing after we purchased the package from you, your service reassured us that we had made the right choice. Please pass on our thanks to all who’s worked on our order. We hope you keep the good work ethic, and continue to provide assistance to small businesses like us.

Bonnie Lynne Smith

Remanso Consulting, Inc. (FL)

When planning to incorporate, I never mentioned a time frame because I thought it would be impossible and unreasonable to meet the deadline imposed by my accountant’s vacation plans. Active Filings was so efficient that I had all my documentation in hand the Friday before he left. I am impressed. What sold me on your site (over others offering similar services) was your Better Business Bureau seal. Now I understand how you earned it. You kept me informed through every step of the process. The result was that I understood the entire process. It was easy and straightforward. Thank you.

Bill Collins

Tera-Plane, Inc. (OR)

Thanks! You all did a great job for us and we’re now off and running building a new Asia–US telecommunications internet. As we grow and evolve in the years ahead we look forward to using you again. Great service, great prices!

Ellen Caravello Sears

Boulder Publishers, Inc, (CO)

Throughout my 40 years as a venture capitalist and investment bankers I have formed many corporations, personally, and reviewed the records of hundreds of others. Your system is superb. I’ve downloaded all of the files on your CD and have been impressed with their integrity and thoroughness. Thank you for your prompt, efficient service. I look forward to recommending you to others.

Alexander Lakhter

Clavis International, LLC (TX)

It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Overall, I can say, your business is structured and operates pretty well. Fast updates on the development was quite impressive. The only area that I thought, was not in sync – Packaging/Shipping. It took a while to get a package in and when it was opened there was no a Corporate Starter Disk. Thanks in any event and good luck.

Frank Yacenda

Gulfstaff, LLC (MS)

I’d like to thank you and your staff for the very personal and at the same time very professional service you provided and for taking care of our filing and associated issues. I’d also like to thank you for the courtesy of waiving your usual fees for Mississippi companies — it is much appreciated. Thanks again, and take good care.

Sabir Alim

Daddy’s Right Here, Inc. (PA)

Thank you so much for your expeditious process and the efficient manner in which you completed our filing. Time is money and it was money well spent.

Chris Brown

Advanced Physics Labs, Inc. (TX)

You guys were awesome. If you ever need a good testimonial let me know. Will certainly make you look good. Thanks for your help’ Cheers.

Donna Bethea

Prima Donna Productions, Inc. (NY)

Thank you for all your assistance… Yes, I’m very satisfied with Active Filings. In fact, I’ve shared it with my girlfriend who is into film and may need to start her own production company.

Dr. Anthony W. Laine

Scientist Inc. (MD)

I wish to thank you for your wonderful services. Your corporation provided to me the fastest service that I have ever seen, and at a price no one could turn down. Thank you very much,

Eric A. Nelson

Effective Solutions, Inc. (VA)

I will recommend you to anyone who needs to incorporate. I don’t have anyone to compare you to but I was very pleased and impressed. I felt that my hard earned money was very well spent. You are a great value! Keep up the great work and best of luck in your future endeavors!

Greg Papaevangelou and Jennifer Yakovetz

M.T.M Movers LLC (Indiana)

Active Filings was chosen because they offered incorporation services that other companies did not. We researched several companies to get our business started and every time we had a question or a concern about the services it would take 2 to 3 days to the other companies to respond back. When we contacted ActiveFilings.com they were very friendly and answered every question we had within minutes instead of days, returned phone calls and e-mails promptly. For that reason we would like to thank Active Filings for making our experience fun and enjoyable. Active Filings will be our company of choice if we ever need a service of this nature again.

Carmen Baez-Smith

CEO Smith Baez Consulting, Inc. (Florida)

We just started our company in 2005 and were not sure how to get started with incorporating. Active Filings was very helpful, had us setup in no time and at a very good price. They answered our questions promptly and everyone we have dealt with was professional and friendly. We continue to use them for our Registered Agent each year and have no complaints.

Mary Collett

Sterling Racehorse Services, LLC (SD)

Thank you! I can’t believe how easy your service was and how quick you were to respond to questions. It was easy to keep track of where we were at in the process because your company kept me up to date with every step. I’m so grateful!

Alexander Artau

Puerto Rico Craft Brewing Corp.

I would like to thank you for the great service you and your team provided towards the incorporation of our company. We just received the documents in the mail. The entire process was fast, efficient, and flawless. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

George A.

Thanks for doing such a good job! Your company was fast, efficient and you over all did an excellent job. I couldn’t have asked for more! Furthermore, when I called to ask questions, your customer service reps where friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks so much for your help! Before I contacted you I had hired a CPA here in WA to incorporate me and, in over a week he had done nothing. When I finally received papers to review, before their being filed, he had spelled my name wrong 2 out of three times. I fired him that day and found Active Filings on the internet. You guys had it completed in a week, and done right! I will make a point of posting an awesome review of you company on line. Thanks again for your help! ”

Mel Kleiman

Humetrics Holding, Inc. (TX)

Nice Job and the customer experience was truly terrific. Great responsiveness to some problems that arose because of filing problems created by the state.

Tony Peng

Summit Provider Solutions LLC

Thanks for a seamless process. I respect the thoroughness and price competitiveness your company shows. Each step of my incorporation process was as smooth and pleasant as I imagine it to be. Thanks a bunch.