Monthly Archives: July 2011

Fashion E-commerce Concept Raises New Funding

BeachMint is one of the many companies competing on the web for users of social electronic commerce. The company recently raised $23,500,000 of new capital from several sources, including the investment fund created by the co-founders of Groupon, the widespread social shopping application.

Government Small Business Program Under Attack

What are now large companies like Qualcom and Symantec both came from this one government initiative. Inventions like the electronic toothbrush also came from the same initiative. The Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program sponsored by the Federal government is up for reauthorization but conflicting legislation from Congress could threaten the program causing jobs to […]

Leverage Your Expertise Into A New Business

Planning to start a business because you are an expert in the field is a likely road to profits. You can even create a new corporation as a part-time home-based business based upon your expertise. A popular avenue for this is to teach other people about a subject you’ve mastered.

Terrafugia Flying in to the Future

Anybody watching movies like Back to the Future, Star Trek, or other future based movies are taken by the creators’ visions of what the future will look like. One of the most out of this world depictions in these movies are how people seem to no longer travel on land in the future but instead, […]

5 Legal Pitfalls to Avoid When Forming a LLC

We live in a litigation friendly country and because there are a so many people who use the legal system as a means to profit instead of recover, it is important that the new entrepreneur be cognizant of all state and federal laws when forming an LLC. Here are five legal pitfalls to avoid when […]

Startup With Energy Use Monitoring System Raises Seed Capital

The founders of PlotWatt started a business to solve a common frustrating situation. By winning the GE Ecomagination Challenge, the company has received a $100,000 grant. The recognition also attracted $1,000,000 of venture capital funding.

Basic Elements for Attracting Investors in a New Business

Every new business has a different story to tell when attracting angel investors. There’s no magic formula to assure raising capital when starting a corporation. But there are some common factors that are always in the forefront of angel investor assessment.

Ice House Entrepreneurship Program Training Future Business Leaders

It’s an awfully big undertaking to go in to alone. In fact, most entrepreneurs open the doors of their business with product or service knowledge but what they lack is the knowledge to run a business. They might be master plumbers but don’t know how to market the business. They may be computer geniuses but […]

Buying an Existing Operation with Your New Corporation

Starting your own corporation doesn’t have to involve beginning a new business. By using your corporation as a vehicle to buy an existing business, you can avoid several risks. An existing business already has a proven market, customer base, location, and reputation. Your corporation can purchase all of those things from the current business operator.

5 Reasons Not to Start a Business and some Alternatives

There are numerous reasons to form an LLC or other type of business but there are also reasons that starting a full time business may be a bad idea. We’ve compiled 5 of the wrong reasons to start a business and some alternatives to help you test the waters before going full time.