Starting a business from home can be great, but if you register your home address as your business address when starting an LLC, you could expose yourself to prying eyes, lots of spam, or worse, hackers. That’s why at Active Filings, we provide our clients with business address options.

Beginning with our Sprinter package, Active Filings offers use of our local office address on your formation documents. This service helps to protect your business’ privacy and keep your personal address off public record.

Additionally, we provide enhanced Privacy Protection allowing our clients to use our registered agent office addresses for their members, managers, officers and directors to help protect your personal privacy. This is especially useful if don’t have a physical business to list in its place. Why have your home address part of the public record when you can use ours?


Get A Business Address with our Sprinter Business Formation Package Now for $100


What Does Our Business Address and Privacy Protection Give Your Business? 

Our Business Address and Privacy Protection allows new businesses to maintain a presence in the world without having to foot the bill for an actual brick and mortar office space. With our Business Address and Privacy Protection options, your LLC or corporation will be professional without the price tag.

Starting with our Sprinter Package, you get:

  • Real Physical Address to List on You Business Formation Documents
  • Limited Mail Scanning in High Traffic States (Florida, Delaware, Wyoming, and more)
  • Virtual Document Mailbox with Easy 24/7 Online Access to Your Mail
  • Free Digital Document Storage
  • No Annoying Contracts
  • Longevity: Move and Your Address Moves With You
  • We’re Real People, No Outsourcing and No Third Party Mail Handling
  • We Don’t Share Your Data with Anyone
  • Trusted and Reliable Service Since 2001

What is a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address is an address, other than where you live, that you can list on your business formation documents. Here at Active Filings, we think of businesses addresses all the same. You can call it Virtual Business Address, a Business Address, or A Real Street Address to list on your business formation documents. Whatever you want to call it, it is what it is: our address on your LLC or corporation documents that protects your home address. We’re not a PO Box service. We are a real, live service powered by real people, that offers you and your business a professional address without the hassle of dealing with leasing an office. If you have a home-based business or if you need an address for your business in another city, let Active Filings set you up with a Virtual Business Address.

Advantages of a Virtual Business Address

  • Save Time & Money
    No need to waste time commuting back and forth from a brick and mortar office. No need to spend a bucket of money on leasing a brick and mortar office when you can run your business wherever you want and not expose your personal privacy. Money matters, and our Virtual Business Address service saves you money and time.
  • Look Professional
    If you list your home address or a PO Box on your business documents, how professional is that going to look to prospective clients? When you use our Virtual Business Address your business will project a professional image, and your clients will know you’re the real deal.
  • Flexibility
    LLCs and corporations need a physical address, but you don’t have to be married to it. With our Virtual Business Address, you can work from anywhere. Your couch. Your home office. The coffee shop that serves those homemade blueberry scones you love so much. The modern world is mobile, and you should be too.
  • Privacy
    When you work from home or on the go, your business needs an address. Sure you’ve got a registered agent who accepts all legal mailings from the state, but you can’t use their address for your business address. You can use your home address or a PO Box, both of which don’t do much to keep your information out of the hands of scammers and hackers. But when you use a virtual business address service, your information is protected.

Why Do I Need a Virtual Business Address?

You may be asking yourself, “why do I need a Virtual Business Address if I already have registered agent service?” The simple answer is that your registered agent receives all legal and official state notifications, which leaves you with the need for an address that not only protects your privacy, but also handles all the other types of mail that your business is bound to receive. You can use your own personal address for all business and personal mail, but do you really want you or your family’s address in the public domain?

When you purchase the Active Filings Sprinter package, you’ll get both our registered agent service and a Virtual Business Address, which will allow you to keep all of your personal, business, and legal mail in one easily accessible place. Our service saves you time, keeps your important mail organized, and offers peace of mind which is hard to put a price on (actually our Sprinter package costs $100).

What Kind of Businesses Use a Virtual Address? 

Not every business operates on a Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm schedule. In fact millions of Americans work from home, on the road, or don’t have a fixed office address. Our Virtual Business Address is the perfect fit for all sorts of businesses, large and small:

  • Etsy/Ebay home based mail order
  • Start-ups
  • Solopreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • International companies looking to expand to the US
  • Any business with an owner who cares about protecting their personal privacy

How Does a Virtual Business Address Work?

When you sign up for our Sprinter package, Active Filings will provide your business with a real street address: our address.We’ll put the business address on your formation documents and use our registered agent address for the addresses of the members/managers/officers/directors.

What is a Virtual mailbox? 

A virtual mailbox isn’t some weird internet virtual reality game, but rather a real life mailbox with a real street address. Having a virtual mailbox allows you to manage your mail and packages from your computer or smart phone. It’s mail, but digitized. Nothing really changes. Your mail arrives at your new address. We open that mail, scan it, and then upload it to our 24/7 easy to access online virtual mailbox.

We’ll notify you of new mail and from there you can log in anywhere and at anytime. No dealing with envelopes, trash, or losing important documents. Even better, your mail is archived so you can’t lose it unless you yourself delete it. With Active Filings offering the best virtual mailbox service, we’ll take care of all that for you.

Our virtual mailboxes are currently available in high-traffic business states like Delaware, Florida, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, and Idaho.

Why Not Just Use a PO Box?

For starters, some states require you to list a real physical address on your business formation documents. Next, PO box doesn’t exactly scream professional. Lastly, a PO Box means you have to spend time picking up your mail, opening it, tossing the junk, and keeping the important stuff. This takes time, and as a business owner, do you really want to spend a part of your day sifting through mail or fumbling with your PO Box key? Also, it should be noted, that some businesses and other merchants won’t accept a PO address as a real address, which is just another reason why using our service for all your business address and mailbox needs is the easiest, most affordable way to keep your company open for business.

US Business Address for Non-Citizens 

Active Filings has always had our eye out for non-US citizens who are looking to form a US business. In fact, we view our International Incorporation Plan as the strongest and most complete business formation plan for non-US residents.

If you live abroad but want to start a business in the US, you’ll need a street address and registered agent service here in the US.

Hire Active Filings Today 

Having a real business address allows you and your business greater flexibility. With Active Filings Virtual Business Address, you’ll have the ability to work from anywhere, all while knowing that your home address is safe and secure. No unwanted junk mail. No worrying about misplaced documents. We’ll handle your mail, you do the rest.


Get A Business Address with our Sprinter Business Formation Package Now for $100