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complianceCorporate Resolutions

A corporate resolution is a formal process adopted by the Board of Directors of a company that authorizes the officers or management of the corporation to undertake actions on behalf of the company.

Organizational Resolutions

After the Articles of Incorporation have been filed and the Corporate Bylaws created, the Organizational Resolutions completes the organization of the Company by appointing the Officers and authorizing the issuance of shares to the Stockholders, and adopting the Bylaws amongst other decisions.

These actions are taken in the form of resolutions, a list of which is stated below.

  • Approval of Agent for Service of Process
  • Approval of Bylaws
  • Appointment of Directors
  • Election of Officers
  • Adoption of Corporate Seal
  • Adoption of Stock Certificate form
  • Selection of Corporate Tax Year
  • Establish Principal Executive Office
  • Secure Federal and State Employer Identification Numbers
  • Select Time(s) for Board of Directors Meetings
  • Select Time for Annual Meeting of Shareholders
  • Authorize Treasurer to Open and Use Accounts
  • Authorize Corporate Account and Designate Authorized Signer
  • Payment of Expenses of Incorporation
  • Securities Law Compliance
  • Etc.


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