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Choosing your business name is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner before incorporating. Having a memorable business name is an asset to strengthening your brand and characterizing your type of business. The ideal business name influences how people feel about your company at face value and satisfies what’s most important and unique about your company.

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It’s important to check the availability of your desired business name before filing your business formation paperwork with the state. This way, if the paperwork is rejected because the name isn’t available, you won’t lose unnecessary time and money. Most states even let you reserve a business name before filing formation paperwork for a small fee if you want to guarantee your business name won’t be snatched up in the meantime.

Tips For Choosing a Business Name

It’s difficult finding the ideal name for your business while making sure it’s unique in your state. Here are a few tips for choosing a business name:

  • Choose a descriptive name without getting overly complex or ambiguous
  • Avoid a name with potential insensitive or negative connotations
  • Convey the products and services being offered
  • Reflect the company culture behind your business
  • Consider how the name will hold up long term
  • Ensure domain availability for at least some variation of your company name

What to Expect With Our Free Business Name Search

Our business name search only takes a few hours to complete, and if your business name is available in your state, you can use it to form a corporation or an LLC. We also include this service with every business formation we do, along with resources to help your business succeed, such as business checklists and tips.

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