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About ActiveFilings.com

Active Filings is a Florida limited liability company founded in 2001, on the principles of reliable, easy and fast business formation for customers in any part of the US. Our state of the art technology, in-depth experience, and applicable knowledge allow us to ensure that the strategy used for each customer will be the most convenient and effective at the time of their business’ formation.

There are two basic approaches to incorporating or forming a new business: Technology-based – completely automated incorporating “factories” that lack personal service; and small offices or individuals that have personal service, but lack the ability to provide a strong service guarantee or support.

Active Filings offers its customers the best of both worlds. We have managed to combine a hi-tech approach with old-fashioned customer care. Customers get fast, efficient service and at the same time experienced specialists who are available to assist if necessary.

We provide our customers more time and peace-of-mind by establishing their company fast, efficiently and at an affordable price.

We go several steps beyond the industry standard by performing comprehensive incorporation services for fair rates, no hidden charges, and straightforward accurate state filing fees.

Our system provides a standard and friendly user interface to incorporate a business in the least time possible. Our customers are able to complete the process in 10 minutes. The same approach is applied to the other products and services provided by us.

Our services are provided in all 50 states and Washington DC to local and international customers, in both languages, English and Spanish.


  • Convenience and Reliability
  • Customer Service and Appreciation
  • Credibility and Accountability
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Excellence in all things
  • Professionalism in all facets of operations
  • Foster innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, diligence and team work
  • Exceed Customer expectations on all engagements


With so many companies competing for your money, we understand how confusing can be how to chose the right incorporating company. We hope you choose us because our information is verifiable and our reputation is the result of years of high ethic standards. Read more…

True Compliance Review(tm)TRUE COMPLIANCE REVIEW (sm)

We have created an innovative methodology that ensures document compliance with each State’s business law. Our system is aimed to eliminate errors from three different key areas: format, content and logistic of corporate filings. Read More…


What you are going to read is not product of a professional copywriter or advertising agency (as seen at several competitors’ websites). We incorporated all these companies and its Presidents, Directors, CEOs, sent us the following testimonials. Read More.


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