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Foreign Qualification is the process to obtain permission to do business in a different state than the state where a company was originally registered.

Expanding Your Business to Another State

If you want to transact business outside your state of formation, your company may be required to qualify as a foreign corporation, foreign LLC, or foreign nonprofit.

A typical case is when a company registered under the laws of one state wants to expand its activities to another state.

In this case, the company needs to requests permission to do business in the new state. It’s like obtaining a license to transact business in the new jurisdiction. The company is required to obtain a Certificate of Authority by filing Foreign Qualification documents.

Please note that “foreign corporation” does not mean an international registration, but refers to any business that is not incorporated in the state where it is doing business.

Requirements to qualify vary state by state, but most of them will ask for a certificate of good standing from the home state and complete information about the applicants.

Active Filings provides Foreign Qualification filings in all 50 States.

Our Services Include:

  • Name availability check at the applying jurisdiction
  • One year of registered agent services (required)
  • Obtainment of a Certificate of Good Standing from the home state
  • Foreign qualification documents preparation
  • Foreign qualification filing and payment of state filing fees
  • Expedited processing at both ends: internal and state level.

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