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What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a person or company designated to receive legal correspondence and official paperwork on behalf of a business (e.g. LLC or corporation). When a lawsuit is filed against a business, the court will issue a notice, called a service of process, which is delivered the company’s registered agent. This is considered legal notice. A registered agent is appointed when an LLC or corporation is formed with the Secretary of State. In almost every state having a registered agent is mandatory.

The title of registered agent is how the majority of states and Washington DC refer to the person or company who receives service of process. Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Rhode Island call it a “resident agent.” Arizona and Ohio use the term “statutory agent.” California, Louisiana, New York, and West Virginia elongate the title to “agent for service of process.” Pennsylvania calls their registered agents “registered office providers,” and Maine uses “commercial clerk,” in place of registered agent. Don’t be confused, however, as all of these titles offer the same basic service, the acceptance of all legal and state documents.

Why Do You Need a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is required to have a physical address, which mean PO boxes are a no no. This physical address is typically known as the “registered office.” In addition to receiving service of process, the registered agent’s job is to accept and forward tax information, annual report filings, and all other formal documentation from your jurisdiction’s Secretary of State. Your registered agent must be available at that address during normal business hours (9am-5pm Monday-Friday) in order to expedite the legal service of process in the case of legal action or a lawsuit. Many business owners keep odd hours, or aren’t always available to receive important mail. That’s where Active Filings comes in. We provide exceptional registered agent service, so you can rest easy knowing you and your business won’t miss any important communication.

What is Service of Process?

The US Constitution states that a court must first notify a defendant before it can exercise personal jurisdiction over a defendant. Therefore courts require the party who is filing the lawsuit to arrange for defendants to be served with a court summons and a copy of the plaintiffs’ complaint. These papers are collectively called process. Generally you can’t just mail the process to the defendant. The summons and complaint must be either given directly to defendants or left with a suitable person at their home or place of business. Service may usually be performed by any adult who is not a party to the lawsuit. Plaintiffs may hire professional process servers to serve defendants. This is why registered agents are so important, because they act as the official recipient of legal mail on behalf of your business.

Is a Registered Agent Address and a Business Address the Same?

No. The registered agent can be an individual or company, but you cannot operate your business without assigning a registered agent. Whereas a regular business address accepts all sorts of mail, junk and otherwise, your registered agent is required by the state to receive important legal and government documents only.

How Registered Agent Service Works

When a lawsuit is filed against your business, the court issues a notice called a service of process. This is then delivered to your company’s registered agent in the state where the lawsuit was filed. Once the lawsuit is accepted by your registered agent, this is considered “legal notice” and your business must respond to the notice. Your registered agent is required to forward the documents to you in a timely manner. At Active Filings, we upload your documents immediately into your secure client portal and then contact you the same day. You have instant access to all of your important documents.


Why You Should Hire a Registered Agent

  1. Protect Your Private Information

    If you act as your own registered agent, your name and address end up in the public record. This opens you up to an endless flood of sales calls, credit card offers, junk mail, telemarketer calls, and on and on. If you hire a professional agent like Active Filings, we shield your information and make sure your privacy stays yours.

  2. Don’t Get Served in Front of Clients

    If you act as your own registered agent, then any service of process will come to your place of business. That means service will be delivered in front of your customers. By hiring a professional, you guarantee that sensitive legal documents are handled properly and with utmost privacy.

  3. Keep Your Own Hours

    Registered agents are required to be open during regular business hours. That means if you act as your own registered agent you’ll need to be available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. But what if your business doesn’t keep those hours? As a business owner, you’ve got enough on your plate to worry about.

  4. Reliability

    Your business address might change once, twice, many times, or never, but when you hire a registered agent, you’ll never have to worry about whether important state and legal correspondence will follow. Hiring a registered agent helps keep things simple for you and your business. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that all important notices for your business are kept safe and secure by your registered agent.

  5. Avoid The Risk Of Non-Compliance

    Most states require businesses to file annual reports and other paperwork in order to remain in compliance with state guidelines. These can be both time and labor intensive, often requiring the completion of lengthy and sometimes confusing forms using information. When you hire a registered agent service like Active Filings, we’ll make it easy for your business to stay up to date and in compliance with the state. This will help you avoid unnecessary late penalty fees, and keep your business in good standing with the state.

Our Registered Agent Services

We offer registered agent services in all 50 states, as well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico. No matter where you are located, we can handle your registered agent needs.

For only $99, Active Filings will act as your registered agent and provide:

  • Peace of Mind: You Will Never Miss an Important Legal Notice Again
  • Statutory Compliance: Appointing Active Filings Fulfills Your Legal Obligation to Meet State Standards
  • Added Privacy: Using Our Address On Business Filings Will Reduce Junk Mail and Solicitations
  • Greater Security: Maintaining a Registered Agent Keeps Your State Information Current & Reduces the Chance of Business Identity Theft
  • Avoid Administrative Dissolution: We Get Your Notices to You Immediately So Your Business Never Faces Automatic Dissolution for Failure to Appear

When you sign up for our $99 registered agent service, you will have instant access to your online client portal. At Active Filings, we offer more than just registered agent service. From your client portal, you can order any additional business filing necessary to start new businesses, register in other states, and maintain business compliance.

Why Order Our Registered Agent Services?

We’ve partnered with Registered Agents Inc to bring you the most reliable registered agent services available for one low price of only $99 per year! That’s hard to beat!

  1. One Low Price: $99 Per Year (Our Prices Never Go Up)
  2. No Hidden Fees and No Upsells
  3. Professional Service: You Never Have to Worry That Your Important Documents Aren’t Being Handled Properly
  4. Keep Your Information Private: Reduce Business Identity Theft, Solicitations & Junk Mail
  5. Avoid Additional Filings: When You Move Your Business, You Won’t Need to File Expensive “Change of Address” Updates



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