complianceA Registered Agent is a person designated to receive legal notices, services of process, and other official documents delivered to the corporation. All corporations must have a registered agent on file with the Secretary of State. It is the law.

The address of the registered agent must a physical address, not a post office box and the registered agent must be available during normal business hours.

The main duty of a Registered Agent is to provide statutory representation of the company by receiving and forwarding official documents to the corporation at its principal office address. The terms registered agent, resident agent, and statutory agent all have the same meaning. Registered Agents can also be associated with the term “Registered Office”

Why ordering our Registered Agent services?

1) Avoiding extra filings if you move out of the registered address. If the RA designated by us moves their office, they will be responsible of filing a change of address with the state and not you.

2) To ensure that you are not going to miss important notices. We work only with well established companies, that are open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Ensuring each Service of Process is properly received, forwarded to counsel correctly, and on a timely basis, is the first step in defending against a default judgment which could foreclose all opportunity to have your side heard

3) To keep the corporate address and Director’s address private (only in those state that do not require to disclose this info).

Getting Started

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