What Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a person or company designated to receive legal correspondence and official paperwork on behalf of a business. When a lawsuit is filed against a business, the court will issue a notice, called a service of process, which is delivered the company’s registered agent. This is considered legal notice.

A registered agent is appointed when a company is formed with the Secretary of State. In almost every state, it is mandatory.

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Our Registered Agent Services

As of 2018, Active Filings is now offering registered agent service to our clients in every state (and Washington DC and Puerto Rico). No matter where you are located, we can handle your registered agent needs.

For only $99, Active Filings will act as your registered agent and provide:

  • Peace of Mind: You Will Never Miss an Important Legal Notice Again
  • Statutory Compliance: Appointing Active Filings Fulfills Your Legal Obligation to Meet State Standards
  • Added Privacy: Using Our Address On Business Filings Will Reduce Junk Mail and Solicitations
  • Greater Security: Maintaining a Registered Agent Keeps Your State Information Current & Reduces the Chance of Business Identity Theft
  • Avoid Administrative Dissolution: We Get Your Notices to You Immediately So Your Business Never Faces Automatic Dissolution for Failure to Appear

When you sign up for our $99 registered agent service, you will have instant access to your online client portal. At Active Filings, we offer more than just registered agent service. From your client portal, you can order any additional business filing necessary to start new businesses, register in other states, and maintain business compliance.

Why Order Our Registered Agent Services?

In previous years, Active Filings has offered registered agent services through a business partner for $265 per year. Now that we are offering this service ourselves by utilizing the Registered Agents Inc network for the most premium registered agent services available, we have lowered the price to only $99 per year!

  1. One Low Price: $99 Per Year (Our Prices Never Go Up)
  2. No Hidden Fees and No Upsells
  3. Professional Service: You Never Have to Worry That Your Important Documents Aren’t Being Handled Properly
  4. Keep Your Information Private: Reduce Business Identity Theft, Solicitations & Junk Mail
  5. Avoid Additional Filings: When You Move Your Business, You Won’t Need to File Expensive “Change of Address” Updates

How Registered Agent Service Works

When a lawsuit is filed against your business, the court issues a notice called a service of process. This is then delievered to your company’s registered agent in the state where the lawsuit was filed.

Once the lawsuit is accepted by your registered agent, this is considered “legal notice” and your business must respond to the notice. Your registered agent is required to forward the documents to you in a timely manner. At Active Filings, we upload your documents immediately into your secure client portal and then contact you the same day. You have instant access to all of your important documents.

Why You Should Hire a Registered Agent

  1. Greater Privacy

    If you act as your own registered agent, your name and address end up in the public record. This opens you up to an endless flood of solicitations, credit card offers, junk mail, telemarketer calls, on and on and on. You can’t imagine how much junk comes your way. If you hire a professional agent like Active Filings, we take all of that junk and trash it.

  2. Don’t Get Served in Front of Clients

    If you act as your own registered agent, then any service of process will come to your place of business. That means service will be delivered in front of your cusomters. By hiring a professional, you guarantee that sensitive legal documents are handled properly and with utmost privacy.

  3. Keep Your Own Hours

    If you act as your own registered agent, you are required by law to keep “banker’s hours” all year long. This ensures that you can always be reached by a process server. By hiring a professional like Active Filings, you can keep the hours you want to keep, go on vacation when you please, and take advantage of the perks of being the boss.

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