To create your company, we must interact with a government agency. We monitor and maintain this page with current processing times for each state.

If the standard processing times are too slow, we only charge $100 for our expedited service, where you utilize our 17 years of filing experience and get all of our resources available to us. We use local couriers, overnight deliveries, pre-paid accounts, and any and all methods to speed up the initial filing time, but we also use our 17 years of expertise to get the filings back sooner and back to you sooner as well.Ā  States charge extra filing fees to rush the processing. We deal with all of this so you can get your company created as fast as possible. Even if the state processes a filing in 1 day, if you don’t know how to request services correctly with the state, you will get your documents back slower. We always utilize every tool we have to get expedite the actual filing, but expedite the return of the filing as well.