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Increase in credit union cap could free up $10B in business loans

Credit union activists are trying to encourage lawmakers raise the credit union lending cap – a move that could allow credit unions to give out $10 billion in additional loans for business formation and other uses.

Recent loan advance scam targeting small business owners

A recent wave of fraudulent loan scandals has targeted small business owners who may have been denied credit at other lending institutions as they try to create a corporation.

Business formation in the bank: Get startup loans approved

In a trying economic climate, deciding where to get a loan can be tricky for startup business owners. After all, not all funders are equal.

Small business lending bill may benefit prospective business owners

The Small Business Administration reports that small businesses are predicted to lead economic recovery as SMBs have created 64 percent of net new jobs in the past 15 years. Now, the administration is making an effort to spur business formation – and job generation – with an appeal to increase credit for small businesses.

Good credit scores set up companies for success

Some entrepreneurs think the brilliant business idea is all they need to make it big. Unfortunately, there are some logistics that can keep even the greatest concepts from launching into successful businesses – like credit scores.

Banks’ increased loans may spark business startups

President Barack Obama asked banks to help finance small and starting companies last year as experts predict these companies will drive economic recovery. Now, it seems a number of major financial institutions are stepping up to help business formation by offering funds to SMBs in 2010.

Businesses looking for funds should remember the importance of good credit

Even as the administration allocated $30 billion to help community banks fund small and starting businesses, entrepreneurs seem to be struggling to find startup funds.