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Things to Consider Before You Register an LLC

A limited liability company is born when the articles of organization are filed with the Secretary of State’s office. In some states they are called the certificate of organization or certificate of formation.  Before you file your articles of organization and formally create an LLC there are a few things to consider.

Go out and Start Something

“Go out and start something!” That is what New York Times reporter and best selling author Thomas Friedman is telling the country’s citizens these days as the global economy shows very little sign of recovery.

Hidden Expenses to Consider Before Forming a LLC

You’re undoubtedly excited about forming a LLC and getting your business started. New opportunities, new adventures, and new challenges all await you once those doors, virtual or real, open for business. Although exciting, many businesses will fail but that can be avoided with two key actions: planning and patience.

Your Blog Could Land you in Court

If you’re a blogger, you may have turned to online outlets to make some extra income or to earn your living using the Internet. You may also be offering your expertise free of charge as a way to help others but your act of good will may land you in court and spending thousands of […]

Three Ways to Avoid Shutting Your Business Doors

The statistics are not encouraging. In fact, they’re enough to evoke fear in the new business owner. Most small businesses who start this year won’t be in business in 10 years. Most will fail and although it’s easy to blame the economy, the economy is only a small part. The issues may be much more […]

Register Your Business and Ideas to Avoid Infringement

Who actually came up with the idea for Facebook? Although there were reportedly three college students who started this idea, only one now owns the company and his net worth is in the billions. The other two only came out with millions and this can be traced back to not registering their business and ideas […]