True Compliance Review

True Compliance Review (sm) by ActiveFilings.comIntroducing “True Compliance Review” (sm)

Fort Lauderdale, FL December 20 2011

Every day, 2,000 filings are rejected for different deficiencies. Every day, 2,000 soon to be business owners see their expectations delayed by these errors and lot of money is lost.

Entrepreneurs lose money because they cannot start their business in time, and States pay expensive labor costs to produce these rejections.

Inexperienced business formation services providers, or low cost providers that outsource part of their operations to China, Philippines, India or Pakistan, don’t care too much, because they work by volume and “some few errors” are just a part of their assumed operating cost., with 10 years of experience and thousands of dollars invested in top notch technology, has created an innovative methodology that ensures document compliance with each State’s business law.

Our system is aimed to eliminate errors from three different key areas: format, content and logistic of corporate filings.

Format Errors

  • Use of the proper format to prepare formation documents, included but not limited to cover sheets, state mandated forms, letter of acceptance of the Registered Agent, document’s execution, actions requested to the reviewing office, services requested to the reviewing agency and other dependencies, contact information of the reviewing office, etc.

Content Errors

  • Address verification of the different parties involved in the company formation.
  • Name Conflicts originated in similarities;
  • Name Conflicts originated in activities;
  • Name Conflicts originated in dates;
  • Completeness of minimum state informational requirements;
  • Compliance with other governmental institutions

Logistic Errors

  • Document’s submission method;
  • Submission content
  • Filing fees
  • Payment methods
  • Receipt verification
  • Processing times follow up
  • Document’s return method



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