Monthly Archives: October 2010

7-Eleven- The Beginning of the Convenience Store

Even the largest companies started as small startups with not much more than a dream and a few dollars in their pocket. Sound familiar? Today, we look at 7-Eleven, a small business startup and how they went from a startup to the largest operator of franchised convenience stores in the world.

Companies to Watch: Amika Mobile

Founded in 2007, the Canada-based technology startup can send detailed alerts to mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, and other devices connected to a campus, corporate, or wireless network. Let’s talk about this startup.

Learn About the Rules for Corporate Reimbursement Plans

By following specific rules of the Internal Revenue Service, corporations may provide tax-free reimbursements to employees—including officer shareholders. The reimbursements must cover actual expenses incurred by an employee while conducting business services for the employer.

Ideas for Choosing a Corporate Name

The name you choose for your new corporation should convey the image you want for the company. For retail companies, a wise choice is to describe the type of business in the name. This permits prospective customers to know that the company provides the product or service desired.

LLC Tax Status Choices

When an LLC is created in any state, a selection is permitted for how the business is taxed by the federal government. This choice affects the accounting records and type of tax return required for the LLC.

How they made it: Paramount Pictures

Today, we highlight another small business startup with roots that begin with one person who would start a business that defined the movie industry. What is your idea and how will you make it in to a culture changing company?

What Happens to Your Home Office Tax Deduction After Incorporating?

When you create a corporation as the successor to your proprietorship business, there are many steps in the transition. One of the important changes is that you become an employee of the corporation. You’re responsible for managing the business as a separate entity.

Does Your Business have a Weird Name?

Twitter, Joomla, Wild Apricot, and many more are employing the use of weird business names to set their business apart from the competition but simply picking a weird business name isn’t as easy as it seems.

John Doerr Announces A New Fund for Tech Startups

On October 21st, 2010 well-known venture capitalist John Doerr announced a $250 million sFund aimed at providing financial support for tech startups focused on social networking.

Preparing Better Business Plans

Although most new companies do not write a business plan, it is a valuable step for an operation of any size and type. Business plans serve a variety of purposes. Composing a business plan permits you to discover overlooked details in the early stages of developing a business concept.