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5 Myths About Home Based Businesses

It’s not for everybody but many dream of being able to work from home. If that’s you, don’t jump in without all of the facts. We’ve put together a list of things you should know before getting started.

Creating a Business That Solves a Problem

Many entrepreneurs spend too much time creating a marketing strategy for a product before launching a new corporation. They end up with only their perception of how the product fulfills a market need.

7 Ways to Attract Seed Money

If you have the next great idea that hasn’t yet gotten off the ground, you may need some help but that help is difficult to get. In order to attract seed money from investors, you need to know what they’re looking for. Here are seven thoughts to consider before scheduling your first investor meeting.

Top Technology Considerations When Naming a Startup

Selecting the name for a new corporation is the first vital decision of a new entrepreneur. The company name establishes the brand that’s projected to both customers and investors. There’s no reason to obsess over a perfect corporate name. But the name shouldn’t be an impediment to success either.

Small Business Loans Approved in Minutes

The United States Small Business Administration is changing the way they do business. Recently they changed the way small business loans are put in to the hands of those who need it.

Online Bargain Website May Raise Angel Funds From Amazon

Online bargain companies continue to explode in popularity., the godfather of internet retailing, is now rumored as a financial source for LivingSocial—a provider of daily-deal specials.

SBA Goes Social

Every small business should know about the United States Small Business Association. This is the government agency charged with assisting small business owners as they start their business and later maintain it. In response to the growing trend of younger business owners doing their research online, the SBA now has a series of social networking […]

Tips for Estimating Startup Capital

The biggest roadblock to an entrepreneur launch of a new corporation is determining how much money is needed. Startup capital is easy to underestimate. But this should not deter you from moving forward with your venture if you follow these basic rules.

Groupon- 1 Billion in Two years

Starting a business ? First make sure your idea is good enough to practically sell itself. That’s what Groupon did and that resulted in one of the fastest growing companies on the internet.

How Much Money Should a Startup Raise?

After your cash flow projection is finalized, you can visualize how much capital is required for your new corporation. Of course, a reasonable projection does not extend infinitely into the future. The funding estimate customarily covers the first two or three years of operations.