Creating a Business That Solves a Problem

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Many entrepreneurs spend too much time creating a marketing strategy for a product before launching a new corporation. They end up with only their perception of how the product fulfills a market need.

The best startups immediately move forward with incorporating. This permits them to put product prototypes in front of potential customers and seek feedback. These are the corporations that obtain investors. They develop definite ideas about how to deliver a solution to the marketplace. That will not happen until the corporation is formed and begins operations.

A perfectly functioning technology has no value unless it addresses an unsolved problem in the market. Perceiving of a need and trying to market to it results in huge spending on branded marketing. Most new businesses can’t find enough early-stage investors for this process.

Better success is found by focusing on providing optimal solutions to existing problems. To accomplish this, you develop improved versions of your product based upon actual customer input. Make sure that you provide a solution with value that easily exceeds your price.

What you want to achieve is simple solutions and easily usable features provided at a low cost. Assess how your competitors will react. Do you think they will match your solution at a lower price? How interested are they in your type of customer? Do they already have a presence with your customers? Examining these questions requires you to position yourself in the market with a new corporation that’s already up and running.

A new corporation is likely to thrive when focusing on solving problems for customers. This is the path to having customers make purchases and investors back your venture because it has achieved the requisite market validation.