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Small Business Capitalizes on Eco Friendly Products

For many, becoming and entrepreneur doesn’t happen by accident but for others, a great idea presents itself without the person ever looking for it. That was exactly what happened with Tina Menzie. Tina was a busy law student and like so many of us, she forgot to send out a Christmas card to one of […]

Here’s How to Get an Additional $750 Million in Small Business Investment

Washington is still looking for ways to spur more small business growth. So far, all of the attempts have done little to produce a measurable uptick in the amount of small businesses not only opening their doors but also hiring new workers.

How Much Can I Make as a Franchise Owner?

If you’re looking to make fast money in a business, you aren’t going to find it in a franchise, according to Joel Libava, known as the Franchise King and contributor to the Small Business Administration.

Small Business Owners More Optimistic Than Expected in December

Each month the Small Business Authority Market Sentiment Survey conducts a survey gauging the overall feeling of small business owners around the country. 1,000 small business owners are surveyed at the beginning of each month asking questions about their views on the economy. Asking somebody how they feel might seem largely unscientific but the sentiment […]

Explosive Growth Seen for Company Offering Cloud Computing Software

Cloud-based productivity tools provide an attractive advantage over desktop applications because they are accessible at all times from anywhere with a wi-fi connection. BigTime Software provides a billing and practice management software product from the cloud that integrates with QuickBooks, the popular small business accounting platform. BigTime recently announced that it has raised $2,000,000 from […]

Intuition May be an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

All of the financial writers of the world may have some questions to answer after the results of a study were released. According to Barbara Bird, associate professor of management at American University’s Kogod School of Business, even more important than a solid business plan, an entrepreneur needs to dive in, make quick decisions, learn from […]

Small Businesses Relieved by AT&T News

If you haven’t yet heard, the United States Justice Department filed suit to block the proposed merger between communications giant AT&T and T-Mobile. According to Federal sources, this merger would have given AT&T 133 million customers making it the largest cellular service company behind Verizon currently with $110 million. Small businesses, many of which opposed […]

CARD Act Doesn’t Protect Your Business Credit Card

When Congress enacted the CARD Act, legislation that protected consumers from unfair treatment by credit card companies, Washington was praised for enacting real world legislation that would have effects that would be felt by anybody using a credit card but does the CARD Act protect small businesses? The answer is simple: It does not and […]

Small Businesses Contributing to Government Computer Security

Although some wouldn’t agree with the label of cyber terrorists, computer hacking group Anonymous and the release of secret government documents by wiki leaks prove that cybercrime is on the rise and may someday be the weapon of choice among organizations as well as countries who wish to cause harm to the United States. To […]

Patent Litigation Stifling Small Business Growth

The United States patent laws are supposed to keep the intellectual property developed by individuals or businesses from being used without compensation to the developer. Instead, these laws are being used to make money for patent owners who have no plans of actually developing the product.