Explosive Growth Seen for Company Offering Cloud Computing Software

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Cloud-based productivity tools provide an attractive advantage over desktop applications because they are accessible at all times from anywhere with a wi-fi connection. BigTime Software provides a billing and practice management software product from the cloud that integrates with QuickBooks, the popular small business accounting platform. BigTime recently announced that it has raised $2,000,000 from a group of institutional investors.

Professional service firms in such industries as accounting, engineering, marketing, design, consulting, and IT use BigTime’s practice management software. The web browser interface allows users to instantly connect with their back-office services.

In addition to its web sales channel, BigTime Software has an active OEM selling network. Financial management software as a service is one of the top selling categories of cloud computing solutions.

Growth of cloud-based technology is making it the most significant delivery system for software. Both new businesses and existing operations are taking advantage of the increased offerings. BigTime Software plans to expand its flagship produce to a growing customer base. In addition, the company expects increase its network of strategic partner arrangements for both its own product and in joint ventures with other software providers.

The new funding is the first outside investment in BigTime. Proceeds are earmarked for building sales channels, expanding product development efforts, and exploring new partnerships.