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Find out What’s Going to be Hot tomorrow

How important is finding the next big trend in your business? Some of the largest businesses in the world have made the same mistake as some of the smallest: Success breeds contentment and they fail to innovate. Failing to innovate can mean a rapid downward spiral that leads to bankruptcy. No business, large or small […]

Small Business Sales Mixed in 2010

In 2010, one of the top political buzzwords of the year was “small business growth”. Washington is very interested in seeing small business grow and expand as part of the broader economic recovery and because of that, numerous stimulus-type actions were taken in 2010 in the hopes of stimulating small business growth. Did it work?

Five Trends for 2011 Thanks to the Small Business Jobs Act

If you’re waiting for the right time to start a small business or expand on an existing business, 2011 may mark the year where your wait is over. Because of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, Heather Endresen, manager of SBA lending at Union Bank, has made some predictions for 2011 that predict a […]

Strong branding helps startups succeed

Small businesses usually start with a solid product idea. But proper branding will help the company stick around long after it launches.

Americans kicking entrepreneurial spirit into high gear in 2010

A new survey from Discover Small Business Watch shows that coming out of the recession, Americans are not only creating new business incorporations, they are continuing to run them as well.

Business formation rates on the rise in spite of recession

Many economists say small businesses will be needed to lead the nation out of recession. With this in mind, it may come as good news that the Kauffman Foundation recently released a study revealing that 2009 saw a dramatic increase in business formation rates.

Increasing consumer confidence makes it the right moment to start a business

According to the Small Business Administration, SMBs are responsible for 64 percent of the net new jobs created over the past 15 years. With this in mind, government leaders are looking to increase small business formation with the hopes of recovering the economy.