5 Ways to Turn Traffic in to Profit

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If you’re an internet marketer you’re most likely struggling with one key problem. The internet is jammed packed with users. Facebook alone reports more than 11 million users but barely any of those are coming to your website. What can you do to increase traffic and in turn, increase profits?


Imagine if you owned a small, local Deli in upstate New York. You decided to embark on an advertising campaign so along with sending postcards and coupons to people in your area, you sent them to people in California, Texas, and New Mexico.

Of course this sounds either silly or insane but that’s what we often do when we embark on internet marketing. We see the internet as this contained place where we can put the word out to anybody and everybody and they’ll flock to our sites. Far from it. You must target your audience and often that takes some trial and error. Try different keywords, find relevant sites, and take time to meet people online.

Give Something Away

If you’re offered something free, you’ll listen and you’ll stick around. Not only does offering a freebie increase the amount of time your potential customers will stay on your site, it also brings their guard down. Very few people enjoy a sales pitch but when they’re given something, they’ll listen as a way to repay the kind gesture.


RSS feeds, autoresponders, e-mail, automated phone calls, text messages, Youtube, the list keeps going. The 21st Century has given us a multitude of ways to communicate with our customers. Again, don’t use this as strictly a sales pitch. Give them something that is valuable and then sell. When you take the website to them instead of relying on them to go to your website, your profits will increase.

Given them a Forum!

Everybody likes to be heard. When a business listens to feedback, both good and bad, customers feel like they’re valued as people and that has largely gone by the wayside in 21st Century business. Consider having a discussion forum, feedback form, polls and survey to gather customer sentiment.

Close the Sale

Now that you know to be all about the customer, you still need them to buy something in order for you to stay in business. Don’t forget the call to action that shows up at the right place in the right time on your site. Nobody will purchase or sign up unless you ask them.

Now, go out there and make some big online money!