A Look at Some of the Top 50 Small Business Startups Part II

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This week we have been highlighting some of the small business startups chosen as the top 50 finalists in the Startup Open competition sponsored in part by the Kauffman Foundation. If you missed part one of the series, you can read that by clicking here. The top 50 winners will head to global entrepreneur week where they will compete for the honor of presenting their startup at the global entrepreneur conference taking place in Europe. The winning business will have the opportunity to speak to an audience of investors from around the globe.

Here are five more business startups to watch


Do you have a closet full of trendy fashion that you’re no longer excited about but you don’t want to rush out and pay top dollar, high end prices for the new fads? i-ella.com is a site that allows you to sell, buy, borrow, or swap designer pieces with others at a fraction of the price that it would cost to purchase. Even better, when you use the service, a portion of the money you spend goes directly to charity. As of now, i-ella is by invitation only but that will most likely change as the business grows.


There are plenty of people who want to change the world by going to the countries who need the most help but making a difference in emerging countries takes more than desire. Inves2Innovate works to bring together people interested in making a difference with those who are looking to fund social projects.

Green Simian

The world is going mobile and with mobile comes batteries. Batteries eventually stop working and have to be replaced. This isn’t good for the environment since they don’t break down well in landfills. Green Simian wants to eventually replace your cell phone battery with a small solar panel which, along with sophisticated software, will provide 100% power to your phone.

Cure My Way

Medication is only useful if you take it and if statistics are correct, a large amount of people are either not taking their medications correctly or not taking them at all. Cure My Way wants to change that by researching and developing ways to overcome the human factors that keep people from adhering to their doctor’s orders.

Flight Hub

You might not be an airline mechanic but you can probably imagine that the amount of wiring in an aircraft is huge. Flight Hub dramatically cuts down on the problem of making repairs or replacing instruments when sometimes miles of wiring has to be navigated. They claim that an airline can save up to 1,100 of repair hours with their system.

Remember, if you haven’t read part I of our Startup Open series, click here. The world is full of innovative entrepreneurs. Perhaps you’re next.