Active Filings Helps Business Owners Achieve Strong Credit Score

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Miami FL, March 2 2010. Active Filings, the leading online business incorporation company, has taken a step forward to help business owners achieve success in their business. Starting immediately, a new service called the Business Credit Builder program will prepare companies to obtain a strong credit score in as short as 4 months.

The credit market is tough, there is no doubt about it, and although obtaining business credit has always been frustrating, it’s even worse in today climate. When lenders where to lend their dollars, they’re going to take every precaution – something business owners should be aware of.

Companies need to understand that some homework has to be done before thinking about applying for a loan. The new program offered by Active Filings focuses on the 20 points every lender will check at the time of evaluating, and approving, applications.

Through 6 well guided steps, the Active Filings’ program gives business owners all the know-how required to be an attractive investment to the eyes of creditors. Newly formed companies that enroll in the Business Credit Builder Program will soon achieve a strong business credit scores, while established entities will optimize their existing business credit profiles and credit scores, making sure their business is set up to borrow and leverage properly.

“Our approach is very realistic. We tell our customers exactly what to do, where to apply, what their business need to have, how to obtain a bank loan, how to setup their accounts with the 3 most important credit reporting agencies and how to access capital (cash & equipment) in as low as 120 days,” says Roberto Neuberger, CEO at Active Filings LLC.

“From the technological part of view, the online application that allows us to provide this service will not let the participants continue until they have completed each step. For instance, if step 1 is not finished, they cannot pass to Step 2 and so on until the last one: step 6,” ads Cynthia Merbeck, COO at Active Filings.

“This way, we know that if our customers follow the system instructions they will build strong business credit scores within 120 days. They will receive at least 5 vendor lines of credit and 3 business credit cards that only report on their business -that is, without using their SSN.”

The program will be marketed as a membership program where the customers have 2 years to complete all 6 steps for just one payment of $399.00

More information about the Business Credit Builder Program can be found at the service’s page

About Active Filings LLC

Active Filings LLC was created by 2 entrepreneurs who decided to join efforts and start offering incorporation services with a ”human touch.” By June 2001 the idea of a service based on technology but powered by people, started to form and they took off together with Active Filings.

Today, the company – A+ rated by the BBB – is recognized as the leading online incorporation service by providing affordable incorporation plans, document retrieval services, maintenance filings, business credit building services and more to customers all around the country.