Activefilings Implements DKIM Technology.

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Miami, FL February 15, 2011., America’s most reliable business incorporation services has taken a step forward to protect their customers’ information and confidentiality by implementing a technology called Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Electronic mail on the Internet has the unfortunate property of being easy to spoof — that is, anyone can send mail that pretends to be from someone else. Phishing and spam are infections on the Internet that can go from annoying to criminal. Many of the perpetrators of these scams attempt to hide their identity, either just to hide or with the intent to pretend to be a legitimate party.

To combat these predators that put our customers in risk when they act based on emails that seems to be ours, has implemented a technical solution called Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) which is a technology designed to make it difficult or impossible for criminals to steal our identity. This authentication technology allows us to “sign” a message to prove that it really came from

John Borda, CTO of ActiveFilings, explains how DKIM works: “DKIM allows a signer to attach a digital signature to each message that is being sent. Any verifier receiving a message can easily determine whether the domain that claimed to have signed the message actually did. For example, if you receive a message that has a valid signature from your bank, you can be quite certain that your bank actually did sign that message. The signature can also be used to validate that the contents of the message have not been altered since it was signed“.

The signature is included in the header of the message so end users won’t even see this header field. However, this signature will tell the user’s ISPs that the email is legitimate. Some ISP can block non signed emails, some others can mark them with a warning, to quarantined, or just hidden from the user’s view.

For ActiveFilings, reliability not only means providing a professional, fast and affordable business incorporation service but also, providing our customers the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

About ActiveFilings LLC

ActiveFilings LLC was created 10 years ago by two entrepreneurs who decided to join efforts and start offering incorporation services with a ”human touch”. By June 2001 the idea of a service based on technology but powered by people, started to form and they took off together with

Our goal is to provide business start-ups with affordable, fast and efficient incorporation services and tools to succeed in an ultra-competitive environment.

About DKIM Technology

The Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) Internet standard enables email senders to digitally sign their messages so that receivers can verify that those messages have not been forged. The DKIM sender authentication scheme allows the recipient of a message to confirm a message originated with the sender’s domain and that the message content has not been altered. A cryptography-based solution, DKIM provides businesses an industry-standard method for mitigating email fraud and protecting an organization’s brand and reputation at a relatively low implementation cost.

DKIM has been approved by the IETF as a draft standard (RFC 4871). The protocol was developed through the cooperation of Sendmail, Cisco Systems and Yahoo!. Sendmail

Founder Eric Allman served as the editor of the base standard, and Sendmail employee and .org contributor Murray Kucherawy developed the first open source implementation of DKI.

With the completion of interoperability testing and the release of DKIM 2.4 recommends that DKIM be installed with all Internet-facing sendmail and Postfix MTAs. The widespread deployment of DKIM is an essential step to bringing phishing, fraud and even spam under control in an environment of email accountability.

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