Aileron Uplifting Small Business Owners

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Most small businesses falter rather than thrive. From inception, they struggle to survive, struggle to pay the bills and sadly, many small business, in fact most, will ultimately close their doors. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. 

Although they aren’t the subject of front page headlines like the larger corporations, America’s network of small businesses are responsible for employing far more workers than their mega business competitors. They are largely responsible for new product development and creating liquidity. When small business struggles so does the economy as a whole.

If you are starting a business or you’re in the beginning stages of growth, you are on the front lines of driving the American economy and because of that, there are government agencies as well as private philanthropic organizations who are interested in making your business as strong as it can be.

One of those is Clayton Mathile. Mathe is the former owner Iams, one of the largest makers of pet food in the company. Mathile first purchased a stake in the company in 1970 and later purchased all of it in 1982 after turning the company around to make it what it is today. As a result of this and other business ventures, he has made billions of dollars as a business owner and manager.

Mathile, 70, understands that small business health is not only good for the country but good for individual as well. For that reason, Mathile invested $130 in Aileron, a school in Dayton, Ohio with the sole purpose of training small and medium business owners. Aileron is not for the business owner who just opened their doors although there are many programs in existence designed to assist the new business owner. This program is for the small business owner who may have seen success in their beginning stages but lack the business skills to know how to sustain, maintain, and foster further growth.

Aileron isn’t like most schools. Business owners don’t come in to a set curriculum. The only class they are required to take is the first class. “Course for Presidents” is the first course. This $1,500 course hits at the heart of the mission of Aileron: To teach business owners how to be better leaders and managers. Topics like leadership, short and long term strategies, planning, and business controls are discussed in this two and a half day course. After that, attendees are free to take any class in Aileron’s offering of 50 other courses.

CNN reports that Joe Chiellini is a former fireman who started a lawn and landscape business. He saw massive growth and as a result of the Aileron courses, he learned that going out and mowing lawns isn’t enough to continue the growth of his business.

The Aileron school is only one of the many workshops and training courses that are offered to the nation’s entrepreneurs. Look in your area for small business oriented organizations who offer training seminars.