Angel Funded Company Moving to Nashville, Tennessee

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An investment by Nashville Capital Network has led a company to move from New Jersey to Tennessee. Six individual investors in the angel group participated in the Series A funding received by Armor Concepts. The company’s operations involve manufacturing and distributing home security doorframes that protect against break-ins.

In announcing the move to Nashville, an Armor spokesman noted the city’s central location for product distribution and the availability of additional space to accommodate the company’s expansion. In addition to providing capital for fueling growth, Nashville Capital Network delivers entrepreneur support from the expertise of its members. This was cited as an important resource by Armor’s president, a former Tennessee resident as a student, who holds degrees from Vanderbilt.

Armor Concepts distributes four products, but its secure doorframes receive the most attention. The patented product reinforces the weak points on a door to prevent intruders from kicking or forcing the door open. The brother of the company president developed the product in response to kick-ins at properties acquired and renovated by the brothers.

The security method provided by Armor eliminates the need for unattractive security bars or screens. Armor’s door reinforcement kit is sold for less than $100. The company’s warranty states that it will pay $200 of a homeowner’s insurance deductible if the product fails. No failures have yet been reported of more than 3,000 sales disclosed by the company.

Following the move to Nashville, Armor Concepts intends to outsource its manufacturing to a fabricator in Tennessee. Since beginning in 2007, Armor Concepts has established a network of wholesale and retail distributors. The company reports it has experienced rising sales in each year of operation.

Much greater expansion is expected as a consequence of the angel investment. This is the first outside capital Armor has raised. A spokesman for Nashville Capital Network revealed that the angel investors were particularly impressed with the management team of Armor Concepts.