Austin Company Raises $2 million from Angels

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Coro Health recently announced that it raised $2,000,000 in Series A funding from various angel investors. The company—based in Austin, Texas—develops the delivery of music and spiritual messages that have beneficial therapeutic effect on individual health. With its core of existing products and some market penetration already in place, Coro Health attracted the capital for expansion of its sales reach.

The company’s main product is Music First, which is installed in over 1,000 locations. The product is also the subject of a clinical study at the University of California at Davis Center for Mind and Brain, which is examining the therapeutic effect of music on patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Coro Health offers web-based delivery of therapeutic audio to residents in long-term care facilities. This lowers the cost and difficulty of providing these healthcare methods. The healing benefits of music and spirituality are no longer limited to traditional session treatments.

More than 70 million baby boomers are projected to obtain long-term care in the next 20 years. Coro Heath provides tools for caregivers and healthcare professionals to expand the reach of audio therapy. Health professionals have a large selection of choices from Music First, CoroFaith, and CoroMedia. Program content is delivered directly to a resident room or group area. Scheduling software automates the process.

A team of board-certified music therapists along with music and media designers develops content tailored to specific needs and schedules. This permits the Coro Health to offer specific audio prescriptions that include music, spirituality, education, current events, audio books, and personalized affirmations from local churches and faith groups. Specially designed therapies apply to individual cognitive stimulation as well as socialization within group settings.

According to brain research at the University of California at Davis, providing familiar music evokes personal memories that engage important parts of the brain. By streaming personalized music and other audio, Coro Health products are expected to positively impact residents of assisted living facilities in maintaining a sense of self and experiencing emotions.