Becoming an Entrepreneur on a Simple Idea

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For anyone with entrepreneurial drive, moving forward by starting a new corporation may reveal a million-dollar idea. That’s what happened to one 19 year old, who didn’t initially realize the potential value of his business concept.

He saw a business opportunity in hauling away people’s junk. By applying his zeal for business, his venture turned into much more than a way to pay for college. He now has the world’s largest junk removal service. His past business experience was limited to teenage self-employment involving a car wash operation in his driveway and peddling junk food to students who didn’t want to travel to the local store.

A few years later he started the company that hauls away junk. The business became a huge success despite the entrepreneur’s young age and the simplicity of the idea. He credits his lack of fear and go-getter attitude, thus demonstrating that getting a new corporation launched is the only path to accomplishment.

After the company began to grow, establishing a secure brand resulted in a name change to 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Possession of this classic phone number then led to franchising the business. The incoming funds from franchising permit the company to provide special assistance to new franchise operators. The company has over 200 locations in three North American countries. It is featured on the television series Hoarders that appears on the A&E network.

The story about 1-800-GOT-JUNK has been profiled on several talk shows and news outlets. An internal public relations department and marketing team conveys the brand consistency offered among the franchisees.

The message of the company founder is clear. He advises those with even the simplest business ideas to pursue them enthusiastically. This requires a clear vision of what an entrepreneur expects to accomplish. His advice it to simply plan that vision. This is all that’s necessary to get a new corporation started. Eventually, a brand is created in the public mind based upon an entrepreneur’s vision. There’s no need to wait for knowing all the details up front. Most of them will fall into place as operations unfold.