Business Startup to Profit on Sensationalism

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It might make you uncomfortable and seem a little unethical for a lack of better terms, but any event, good or bad, large or small is a business opportunity for some. Is it any worse than profiting on a person’s death? All of these are value judgments that individuals can answer but the latest legal sensation, the Casey Anthony murder trial , has become the latest money making venture for some.

In fact, a new business startup has emerged as a result of this trial. If you haven’t heard, Florida resident Casey Anthony is accused of planning and later carrying out the murder of her daughter. The trial made national headlines when she claimed that her daughter had been kidnapped which set off a national search. Later she claimed that Zanny the Nanny, who was later found to never exist, took her child. Other theories offered were that her father, George Anthony had a hand in the murder and claims of sexual abuse have been offered by defense attorneys.

As a result of the trial, business startup Casey Tours LLC plans to offer tours in the Orlando area to show patrons many of the sights associated with the Casey Anthony trial. For just $25 per person, the tour will take curious customers to places like the Anthony home, Universal Studios, where Casey Anthony claimed to have worked when the disappearance of her daughter took place, the home of the fictitious Zanny the Nanny, the woods where the body was found and the courthouse.

If that isn’t enough, the tour will visit the XS Nightclub where tourgoers can get a drink in the bar where Anthony was claimed to be seen partying days after her daughter was last seen and the tour company is reporting that there will be a question and answer session with actual people involved in the case including one of Anthony’s ex-boyfriends.

Other businesses are seeing a boom in business merely by chance. Take, for example, Travis Barr who owns the restaurant across the street from the Orlando courthouse. More than 100,000 are expected to come to Orlando for the trial and Barr says that it is a welcome sight since the summer months are considered the slow season in Florida where summers are hot.

Whether or not you agree with new businesses like Anthony Tours LLC, one cannot deny that the entrepreneurial spirit is at work. Many entrepreneurs profit by doing what other people will not and that translates in to dollars.