Capital Boost for Company Providing Non-Tech Services

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Zozi uses a popular technology platform for delivering services that are definitely not tech related. The company’s website delivers daily deals using the same social commerce channel championed by Groupon and LivingSocial. The difference is that Zozi offerings provide consumers with handpicked travel and adventure experiences.

All of the deals on Zozi are offered at discount prices. The website includes Groupon-like features, such as savings indicator and countdown clock. A big difference is that Zozi offers a 100 percent money back guarantee. A refund is given to any consumer who is not completely satisfied that an experience provided everything expected. Now that’s a sound feature for a new business to attract loyal customers.

Zozi recently obtained $7,000,000 in a second round of funding from institutional sources and individual investors. With headquarters in San Francisco, the corporation was created in 2009 and initially raised $3,000,000 in August 2010. The expansion capital is earmarked to increase the number of deals offered by Zozi in new cities. So, people in new locations will soon find that they too can acquire a “swim with the sharks” experience or a Samba boat cruise – all with a complete money-back guarantee.

Social commerce is a growth market. Many entrepreneurs are starting companies that capitalize on the popularity. Giants like Groupon and LivingSocial may have captured most of the local markets for general purchasing. But there are still significant opportunities to start a business using a social shopping method. Some of the new companies are providing merchandise as customized recommendations. Others are presenting unusual offerings not easily available. Zozi is combining both approaches.