Capital Injection for Startup Company that Rewards Dining Out

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Making a common experience more fun and rewarding is a sound avenue for starting a business. MOGL is following that formula to enhance the activity of going to restaurants. The company’s success has attracted a second round of capital in the amount of $10,000,000. This brings total investor funding to $12,400,000 since the corporation started.

Based in San Diego, MOGL launched in April 2011. So far, the company has partnered with about 350 restaurants in southern California to deliver its customer loyalty platform. Users sign up for free by registering any credit or debit card that’s already in their wallets. By using that same card to pay for meals at participating restaurants, they receive 10 percent cash back. The reward is automatically posted to as a credit to the card.

The psychological appeal of the MOGL system is enhanced with other game mechanics features that turn dining out into rewards. Monthly jackpots are awarded at each restaurant. Customers are eligible for first, second, and third place prizes. Some amounts are over $100.

In addition, MOGL donates a meal to a disadvantaged person for every $20 spent by a MOGL user at any participating restaurant. MOGL customers and restaurant partners have jumped at the innovative loyalty program’s combination of cash-back incentives and element of social charity.

The company reports that customers have earned more than $350,000 of cash awards and over 27,000 meals have been donated. Restaurants generate more traffic because people who sign up for MOGL use the app to easily locate participating dining establishments. MOGL also gives the restaurants access to customer spending data.