Capital Raised by Software Company with Multiple Apps for Families

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The idea of using technology to optimally disseminate information about basic issues for families led the founders of Alt12 to start a business. One of the software company’s applications is focused on health and another is aimed at expecting parents. The company’s third entry is a newly launched social network for parents named Kidfolio.

The San Francisco based corporation recently raised $1.26 million of seed money from various angel investors. HealthTap founder Ron Gutman is one of the sources. Simultaneous with this funding was introduction of Kidfolio. The capital infusion is intended for expansion of Alt12 as a social health platform and making Kidfolio the premier digital communication network for families with children.

Kidfolio connects parents to each other for sharing information, advice, and support. The site provides daily and weekly updates on what to expect in the child rearing experience. In addition, users can upload photos and videos as well as enhance memorable moments with creative visual effects.

Consequently, Kidfolio is a response to the overly broad nature of most digital networks. Alt12 is demonstrating that many new businesses are likely to arise by delivering specialized social networks that connect like-minded individuals. Resources like Kidfolio render educational and fun content around specific topics.

In order to immerse parents into a meaningful experience, Alt12 have given Kidfolio the vital features of a network dedicated to a targeted group. In addition to connecting through the social network, Kidfolio has the characteristics of a digital scrapbook using cloud storage. Family photos and videos are accessible over the web or using mobile devices operating on iOS or Android. Kidfolio users can create and send personalized postcards. Other keepsake items are expected soon.

Alt12 has experienced over 4.5 million downloads of its two apps – BabyBump and PinkPad. An impressive figure reported by the company is one million active monthly users with over 25 percent conducting daily use to create millions of monthly posts.