Colorado Secretary of State says new business filings are on the rise

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Entrepreneurs in Colorado have been steadily increasing their business pursuits, according to an assessment of the electronic filings in the state. Secretary of State Bernie Buescher says the number of new businesses formed in Colorado increases by six or seven percent each year, according to the Journal Advocate.In a meeting at the Rotary and Kiwanis Club last Wednesday, Buescher said business formation saw major increases in the third quarter of last year. By the fourth quarter, it was up 17 percent, and in December new business formation had increased by almost 25 percent.

He feels the state makes it simple for entrepreneurs to start new businesses through government assistance. He boasted of the Colorado Business Express website which offers entrepreneurs information on state specific filings.

The site gives entrepreneurs information on state and local tax licenses, federal ID numbers, and more. “The idea here was to make it easier for folks that want to start new businesses to do all the things that you need to do,” he told the source.

Other state governments have started increasing entrepreneurial assistance with startups, as well. For instance, Forbes reports that New York officials recently revamped their startup business incubator.

Hopefully, these state measures will help boost both local economies and the national economy.