Company Launches Online Channel for Improving Job Application Process

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Technological changes in recent years have greatly improved how we accomplish many tasks. Starting a business often entails simply applying some of this existing technology to an old process. That is the technique used by GetHired. The company launched its website in January 2012 that infuses visual creativity into job hunting.

The GetHired site facilitates searching and applying for jobs. Employers post job qualifications and questions. Job seekers create digital resumes that are customized to specific job openings. Applicants may deploy a variety of video and audio tools for responding to job listings. This allows job seekers to stand out with creative responses.

The website’s objective for employers is providing a platform to post jobs and filter candidates. Job posters on GetHired are also able to conduct interviews with suitable applicants. GetHired is tailored for small companies that find big job boards with similar features are prohibitively expensive.

GetHired is free to both employers and job searchers. The company has plans to build a community format before adding advertisements and affiliates to support the system. Although GetHired is aimed at the US job market, applicants from anywhere in the world can use the platform. The number of small businesses in the US is estimated at 6 million and growing. They offer plenty of job opportunities. GetHired expects to provide a key path to helping small companies and job seekers find each other.

At the time of its launch, GetHired also announced a capital infusion of $1,750,000 in seed money from several angel investors. The company has firmly embarked on its mission of delivering a creative resume method to the employment process. The next step is enhancing the website with social features and becoming an advanced job recruiting alternative.