Company Producing Data Needed by Other Companies Gets New Capital

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Soluto was the winner of the TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2010 award for its software that addresses the frustration of repetitious PC actions. The company has now raised $10,500,000 in a second round of venture capital funding.

Soluto is free software that detects patterns of repeated actions, including mistakes. The program then attacks the problem in order to prevent frustrations that might compel people to throw their computers off of building rooftops.

The evolution of technology has resulted in complexity that creates more complications than ever before for an end user. The Soluto software is equally advanced. It identifies troubling features in other applications. Users download the information anonymously into a database called the “PC Genome.” Analysis of the data by Soluto permits arriving at solutions to avoid further user frustration. In addition, Soluto data provides a path for building improved features into future product offerings.

The value of Soluto is its data gathering via crowdsourcing. The software tackles problems in platforms operating on a number of PCs in order to assess the most common deficiencies.

The total capital raised to date by Soluto is $18,300,000. Plans for the latest infusion include creating Soluto products for mobile devices as well as developing new PC solutions and enhancing ongoing use of collected data.