Company Raises New Capital for Expansion of Service That Helps People Save on Property Taxes

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A company is unlikely to have any complaints about its pricing when saving customers more money than the fees charged. This is the business model of The website delivers instant access to information that helps determine if your property tax assessment is excessive. started in 2009 to help homeowners stop overpaying their property taxes. The site identifies your property location and integrates details about surrounding properties. You only have to enter your address along with the assessed value and tax amount on the bill from your taxing authority. When you don’t have the exact details in front of you, directs you to your local tax district website to collect the info you need.

After entering the pertinent factors, the algorithms in the site compare your property’s assessed value to nearby home sales. The output then shows you how much money you could save in property taxes when applying a fair value identified from the comparison sales. The next challenge is presenting your disagreement about assessed value to the local tax appraisal entity. At this point, presents a solution. You can buy the company’s Property Tax Appeal Kit for $99. Purchases come with a full money-back guarantee if your property taxes are not lowered using the evidence collected on

The success rate claimed by in helping users lower their property taxes is 80 percent. Because only about 40 percent of all appeals are successful, individuals definitely benefit with help from The average reported savings per company customer was $1,346 last year. Of course, only about 20 to 25 percent of the site visitors find that their property values are over-assessed. The company turns away the others to prevent them from making unwarranted appeals.

With $1.2 million of new capital raised from angel investors in early 2012, is expanding. The company has implemented a service for professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, appraisers, and home inspectors. This allows those experts to conduct more work for their customers. The pro service can even identify over-assessed properties within specific boundaries and amounts. expects further growth following the recent support of outside investors. The company revealed that revenue already quadrupled in the first part of 2012 compared to the same period one year ago.