Connecticut Secretary of State reminds business owners of benefits of incorporating in the Constitution state

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Many future business owners know picking the location of a company is an important part of the planning process. Different regions boast unique markets that make an area more or less amenable to various products and services.

Moreover, each state has different tax benefits and corporate laws to which companies will be subjected.

The Connecticut Secretary of State reminds business owners why business formation in Connecticut might be ideal. To start, the state’s corporate income tax has recently been reduced to just 7.5 percent, and a new tax credit exchange program encourages investments.

The state also offers top technical tools. The Secretary of State office offers licensing assistance and training programs to help new businesses prosper.

Additionally, Connecticut has one of the most productive workforces in the nation. The output per worker is nearly 30 percent higher than the national average. The state’s top educational programs suggest this number will only improve.

This tidbit might be especially important to entrepreneurs hoping to achieve business success. In a trend that likely crosses the border, a Leger Marketing and survey shows] that almost half of Canadian small business owners consider recruiting better workers an essential improvement to human resource management and business success.