Diner Connection Born at Startup Weekend

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How many entrepreneurs are working for somebody else? Are you one of those people who is spending all of your work hours in a job with little potential for growth yet dreaming of being your own boss? Startup Weekend was born to help people like you achieve your dream and there’s a Startup Weekend coming to Miami, Florida November 19th through the 21st.

What can Startup Weekend do for you? Let’s look at what it did for Geoff. A twenty something with a bachelors in computer science and Masters in Business Administration, Geoff knew his way around computers. He went to work as a software architect but quickly grew tired of using his two degrees and creative talents to make money for somebody else.

Although he didn’t like working for somebody else, he knew that it was safe and it was the way that most people lived their lives. He had plenty of ideas but didn’t know how to develop a business and he was scared to step out of his comfort zone and try to turn one of his ideas in to reality.

Then came Startup Weekend

Geoff registered for a Tulsa, Oklahoma Startup Weekend. He went in not knowing what to expect but came out with a changed life. He learned about product development, marketing, and public relations. He spoke to copywriters, graphic designers, and marketers who were all in one room helping him develop his idea.

Geoff said, Startup Weekend brings everybody in to one room. That’s just something that doesn’t happen every day in business, or in life in general,” he said. “The experience was fantastic — for us to create a goal and then finish it by Sunday night.”

Geoff came away from Startup Weekend with an idea for an application called Diner Connection. We’ve all went to a restaurant where we had to wait for a table. They give us one of those big, bulky buzzers that we have to hold until our table is ready. If we venture too far, the buzzer is out of range and we lose our spot on the list. Geoff’s idea is to rid restaurants of those buzzers and use text messaging technology to alert patrons that their table is ready.

This same application also allows restaurants to alert customers when to-go orders are ready as well as allowing customers to text back and let the restaurant know if they will take an outside table.

Geoff reports that Diner Connection has taken off and he’s now living his dream of running his own company.

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