Don’t Miss Startup Weekend Miami

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Have the next great business idea? Maybe you’ve been quietly yet methodically carving out the next Starbucks, Microsoft, or Tesla Motors. The only thing holding you back is the real world details of starting the business., an online incorporation company is sponsoring Startup Weekend Miami November 19th through the 21st.

Startup Weekend is the most exciting thing to hit the entrepreneur scene in a long time. This national event isn’t another one of those boring seminars where you come away wondering why you wasted your time. This weekend is totally hands-on. Let’s look at how Startup Weekend works.

 Let’s say that you have a great idea. In fact, you invented a Star Trek style transporter where the person steps in, dials in their location, presses a button and off they go. Your makeshift, garage-built contraption is far from complete in part because you ran out of money so you register for Startup Weekend Miami.

What you find when you get there are people from a variety of industries that can help your business get off the ground. If your business is picked as one to develop your transporter will be seen by engineers who could help with the design, venture capitalists and angel investors who can provide funding, graphic designers who can help spruce up the design, marketing people to help you convince the public that this actually works, and possibly partners who are in a similar field.

Your transporter will be sent through the ringer. It will be scrutinized, torn apart, and rebuilt in to something that is attractive to the business world. You might think that your transporter is a sure-thing that will change the transportation world but you’re one of many in a deep pull of inventors who have business ideas that could change the world. Startup Weekend Miami will help you refine the idea and you might come away with additional funding for it. Your transporter will stand out and get noticed!

In case you’re missing the point, Startup Weekend Miami is far more than an educational event. Startup Weekend Miami could take you from an armchair inventor and make you an entrepreneur living your dream. Don’t think it’s only for inventors. Regardless of the type of business you’re looking to start, Startup Weekend can help. If you live in Miami, you can’t miss this event. is not only sponsoring the event, they’re offering a special package that will get your business registered and officially on file with the State of Florida and its staff members will be there to support your venture.

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