Effective Networking with Investment Connections

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Much has been written about the diligence entrepreneurs must deploy to maintain contact with potential sources of investment capital. As the founder of a growing corporation, you must be aware of the communication skills to utilize when networking in these channels.

First, be aware of the words you choose. This doesn’t require you to expand your vocabulary. It simply means avoiding bland words. You want to sound confident with potential investors. Therefore, stay clear of words that make you seem unsure. By eliminating words such as “probably” and “maybe”, you’ll notice an immediate difference in how you engage listeners.

Secondly, speak using the language of your customers. Don’t give a pitch about your company’s creative product or its innovative technology. Instead, convey how your corporation solves the problems of its customers. Develop a sentence or two that concisely reveals how you are part of a solution to something in the marketplace.

Make sure you use web-based platforms for maintaining communication with the contacts you build. Social media is an efficient means for informing many people simultaneously about the same facts. Use these tools to provide relevant updates about new developments at your company. Obtain and release customer comments to the investment community.

Position yourself as an authority in your industry. Write articles for websites and article submission sites on the internet. Provide links to these articles on your social media page.

Lastly, when conducting all this ongoing communication, don’t forget to request replies and inquiries from the investment sources.