Entrepreneur Discovers That a New Company With a Novel Product Can Compete Against Established Brands

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Entrenched market brands don’t deter someone with a bright idea from starting a new company. An ideal example is Sabrina Guillebeaux, the creator of Claspies. She incorporated a business after deciding upon the catchy name for her cleaver style of underwear.

Claspies are designed to put on without having to balance or bend. They fit and feel like regular underwear, but have clasps on both sides. But these are no granny panties with extra padding for the incontinent. Claspies are made in the popular bikini style using a quick-drying rayon/spandex blend.

Guillebeaux originated the Claspies concept on her honeymoon. The long flight to Africa included a 10-hour layover in London. She realized that locations such as bathrooms at airports and on planes were not conducive for women to complete fast underwear changes. After some brainstorming with her husband, Guillebeaux realized that a comfortable and confident underwear situation for women demanded some innovation.

The Claspies concept was born to deliver functional quick-change underwear with an appealing fit and material. In addition to beneficial use for travelers, Claspies are helpful to other situations where bending or balancing is problematic. This includes underwear changes after strenuous athletic workouts or physical rehabilitation exercises.

Developing a product name required some effort. Guillebeaux knew that she wanted a name for easily creating brand awareness. After a variety of naming ideas – such as EZ Panties and Freshe – the Claspies name was determined, which identifies the slide and lock clasps on the undergarment sides.

Guillebeaux decided on a company name of Ai Change, LLC. She is realizing her dream of entrepreneurship that she’s held since college. Claspies are only presently available on the company’s website. The enterprise is developing a social media presence using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This community involvement marketing technique is designed for supporters of the product to share their experiences and inspire new purchasers.

The undergarment business is dominated by major brands that garner the majority of shelf space. However, Guillebeaux is confident that a new brand with differential features can gain acceptance by generating market awareness. Now that her new company is off the starting block, Guillebeaux has learned about product development and testing as well as marketing. In the future, she expects to introduce new styles – including a men’s line – plus apply the Claspies concept to other garment types.