Entrepreneurs Advancing Commercial Space Travel

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As private companies have prospered in launching commercial satellites, the appeal for passenger space travel has increased. That’s the market served by Zero-G. Based in Vienna, Virginia, the company flies passengers on modified jets that simulate the weightlessness of space travel. Zero-G recently received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to train crews and passengers for actual trips into sub-orbital space.

The FAA approval embodies a certification that Zero-G can safely and reliably provide the flight conditions planned by joyride spacecraft ventures like Virgin Galactic. The process used by Zero-G involves flying in a parabola at high altitude. This simulates the low-gravity conditions experienced during space flight re-entry.

Expansion of travel on new spacecrafts requires more strenuous training to deal with higher accelerations and vibration. The endeavor may seem more like fun than work, but Zero-G is serious business. The company’s parabolic flights provide opportunities to test new types of gear before using it on space travel. This enables all companies involved in space travel to conduct technical experiments in order to make optimal safety commitments for orbital space flights.

The unfolding advances at commercial space travel companies are certain to spawn the start of new businesses. A minimizing of space flight risk is leading to capital investment for expanding space travel. New corporations will eventually arise in this industry to provide ancillary services for providers of passenger space flights.