Ernst & Young helps female entrepreneurs grow their businesses

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At the beginning of 2010, Ernst & Young funded a study to determine the likelihood of success for female MBAs entering the workforce. In spite of women’s higher college GPAs, the study showed females take home just 80 percent, on average, of what their male colleagues earn.

James Turley, the CEO of Ernst & Young, told Newsweek the study is “a wake-up call.” Now, the company is sponsoring an Entrepreneurial Winning Women contest to help accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses.

The program helps women identify potential partners and prospective funders, as well as get one-on-one support from Ernst & Young executives. Women will have the chance to strengthen their executive leadership and business skills through meetings with seasoned entrepreneurs from high-growth companies. Additionally, participants will benefit from national and regional visibility in the media.

Women looking to create a corporation or expand their current businesses can apply to the program through the company’s website.

Owners of a number of business types may benefit from this entrepreneurial opportunity. Janine de Nysschen, founder of WhyIntelligence, recently told Entrepreneur Week female entrepreneurs are the fastest-growing group of business owners across a number of typically male-dominated VC investment areas.