Expansion Capital Raised by New Company With a Product Suitable for a Broad Market

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After starting a business just one year ago, George Burciaga has created a product that’s attractive to consumers everywhere. Elevate Digital manufactures an interactive kiosk that distributes advertising integrated with social media. After using his own money to launch the concept, he recently obtained $2.7 million of funding from outside investors.

Based in Chicago, Elevate Digital aims to change the way advertising is delivered. The platforms further extend the technology that is displacing static signs. These are more than just electronic billboards with interfaces that reveal extra information from a few finger taps. Instead, the kiosks are social media devices that provide search content, details about local transportation, purchase deals, and more.

The systems even interact with mobile phones. Buy tickets to a movie, download directions to your phone, and update your Facebook page to let friends know where you’re going. Elevate Digital does all this plus helps you select a restaurant for a meal after the show.

The company has about 100 kiosks located in high traffic areas throughout Chicago. Income is generated based upon ad revenue plus partnership deals with Groupon, the Chicago Tribune, and Metromix.

Elevate Digital also collects purchase data from users because of the social media interaction. This helps the company learn what advertising is most compelling. The ultimate plan is to process one million transactions per quarter in each of its markets. Current growth is 18 percent per month.

Elevate Digital expects to expand to 200 kiosks by the end of 2012. Plans are also underway for new presentation systems, such as an Elevate wall and Elevate glass formats. Kiosks are currently in the installation stage in Miami. The New York City market is expected online during the summer of 2012.