Finding your first employees made simple

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For entrepreneurs who are considering business formation, the idea of starting a company and finding good employees might be nerve-wracking. Luckily, Venture Hacks advocates the Elad Blog’s tactical tips startup business owners can use to find workers.To start, they advise that new business owners start by networking with personal acquaintances. By approaching the smartest business developers an entrepreneur knows, he or she may find an excellent employee eager to get in on the ground level. In the event that they aren’t looking for a job, entrepreneurs might still get solid leads from strong would-be candidates.

Another good way to find good employee leads is by talking to venture capitalists investing in the business. There is a good chance they will want a company they put funds in to have a strong staff as much as the business owner does.

Moreover, investors will likely know a pool of well-seasoned professionals, and may have insider information on who is looking for a job. Entrepreneurs should also remember that venture capitalists can prove invaluable in closing a candidate – they can explain to a potential employee why the company is worth investing in.

Another tip is to be savvy with LinkedIn use. If a candidate you like is linked to one of your connections, ask the middle man to make an introductory email.

With these tips in mind, entrepreneurs should forge ahead in the incorporation process, and maybe they can help reduce the nation’s 9.7 unemployment rate.