Four Attitudes that Will Doom Your New Business

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How many motivational seminars or books have stressed the power of the mind? As somebody starting a business soon or as somebody who has just opened their doors, you’ve undoubtedly found all of the advice you could before jumping in but how many times have you heard advice about the power of the mind? It’s in a majority of articles but if you’re honest, you’ve probably read right past it.

You saw it and thought, “I’ve already heard this. Give me something more concrete.” Think about it this way: The reason you keep reading it in all of these articles is because it’s not only important, it’s probably the most important part of your growth. If you’re looking to lose weight and you read numerous articles about different exercises to do but never get in the right mental state to even make it to the gym, what have you done for yourself?

With that in mind, there are certain attitudes that you could have that will probably stand in the way of your growth as a new business owner.

You Don’t Talk Enough

There are plenty of introverts who are successful business leaders. It’s not about how outgoing you are and it’s not about your ability to make conversation with anybody. Great business leaders know that effective communication is a must. Knowing when to keep people in the loop, knowing when to have a meeting, and knowing when to ask more questions and gather information are traits of successful entrepreneurs. It’s not the amount of talking that’s important. It’s knowing when and what needs to be said.

You Never Have Hope

It’s too early in the business startup game to see a silver lining, right? If you get excited and things don’t work out, you’re going to look like a fool. In your quest is to be guarded and realistic, you’re building a toxic atmosphere both in your mind and with others that you work with. Smile, celebrate the small accomplishments, and know you’re going to succeed. People are attracted to leaders who have hope.

You Do it All

If you were in the shipping business and you only had one truck, you are capping the amount of business you can handle. If you are doing all the work in your business, it can only be so successful. Delegate responsibility from the beginning. That’s the only way your business can grow beyond yourself.

You’re a Hothead

Nobody likes to be uncomfortable and if you’re the type that loses your cool under pressure, people won’t want to be around you very long. Be the calm, cool and collected person and you’ll be able to attract the best people.

If you know you have some of these traits, don’t worry. Like any habit, they can be replaced with better habits with a little bit of work.