Four Business Startups Perfect for College Students

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Times have changed and that’s a good thing for the budding entrepreneurs of the world. In the past, starting a business often involved leasing retail space, purchasing expensive equipment and hoping that your idea would take off in to a profitable venture but no longer does it have to be that way.

Today, businesses can open with very little startup costs and that’s great news for current college students or recent graduates who are just getting started in their career and have little capital to fund a startup.

If you’re hoping to start a business of your own, here are a few ideas of low cost business startups perfect for college age entrepreneurs.

Web Design

Often, small business owners don’t have the time, talent, or big budget to construct the web presence they would like to have. If you have skills in graphic design, flash, HTML, and other web technologies, offering an affordable service to small business owners is a business with very little startup costs. Lacking in some of the key areas? Partner with somebody or hiring programmers to help. There are plenty of web gurus who will help you for a reasonable price.

Moving Service

If you like the more hands on physical jobs, consider a local moving business. Other than purchasing insurance, all you’ll need is a Uhaul truck, a few strong employees, and some cheap advertising. At an average price of $100 per hour, starting as a part time business may lead to something much larger. Make sure your employees have a professional appearance and do a background check on people you don’t know.

Arts and Crafts

If you’re the creative type, consider selling your works. Whether it’s painting, sculpture, jewelry, or even music, there are plenty of sites that will help you sell your products without any startup costs. You can also attend local art shows, flea markets, and even partner with local businesses like wedding planners that may need artistic people to help.


If you’re book smart, tutor high school and college students. Of particular interest may be helping students pass the ACT, SAT, or other standardized tests. A little word of mouth goes a long way in this business.

Bottom Line

Regardless of your business, you should always form an LLC or other business entity with your state and carry the appropriate insurance and permits but all of these businesses are easy to start and well within the price range of most college students.