Four Home-Based Business Startups Requiring Limited Experience

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Individuals with an entrepreneurial bent are ready to leave behind the stresses of relying solely upon continued paychecks from struggling employers. If you fit this mold, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or obtain years of training. A simple home-based business takes advantage of a basic skill you’ve developed to provide a moneymaking situation. Here are four examples.

A little exposure to bookkeeping in your career is all you need to start a business providing this service to local companies. Plenty of small businesses outsource their bookkeeping. They only need someone for a couple of hours per week. Since these companies often use QuickBooks, you can take a training class in the use of this accounting software. Courses are available at community colleges and online sources for modest costs. When you’re ready to start, you’ll only need a corporate name and some business cards. You work at either the customers’ locations or your home office.

Tutoring is exploding as a businesses service due to increased demand. You don’t need an expensive office. The work is conducted at the homes of students or at your house. Your aptitude in math or a science is especially valuable. Local high schools and middle schools provide you with students. All you need is a catchy corporate name and some flyers for distribution by your contacts at the schools.

Website developers are always needed by local small businesses. If you have skills in this area, you can work from home with a computer and high-speed Internet connection. The best marketing approach is to create one or two model websites that show your abilities to potential clients. Then, you start marketing to local businesses that you find have no websites or have sites that you can convince them to improve for enhancing their reach to customers. You only need a corporate name and business cards.

Millions of people operate their own online retail businesses and you can too. There’s no need to stock products or conduct the shipping. You can locate wholesale companies online that handle that for you. You create your own site using images from the wholesaler’s website. Plenty of simple products are available that need you as a reseller. You get paid for every order that comes from visitors to your website initially. Plus, you can sell advertising on your website.