Georgia Annual Report Due Date is Coming

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The GA Division of Corporations reminds us that Annual Reports are due by April 15 2017. Filing the annual registration provides a current record of an entity’s management structure, correct mailing address, and registered agent’s name and address.

In addition, entities that do not timely file annual registrations, together with all required fees, may be subject to administrative dissolution or revocation of their authorization to transact business in Georgia

The annual registration process is also the primary vehicle used to update entity accounts; therefore, multiple registrations may be filed during the year.  In fact, an entity may update its information as many times as it wishes throughout the year simply by filing another registration and paying the applicable filing fee.

However, it is important to note that multiple registrations filed [and fees paid] in any one year do not “rollover” to the next year.  An entity must file an annual registration each year.

For more information about the Annual Report Filing in Georgia please follow this link:

Now you can also order this service from ActiveFilings by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. To use this service, your entity has to be in good standing with the State of Georgia.


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